Time Limits for Degree and Revalidation- Graduate

3341-3-21 Time Limits for Degree and Revalidation- Graduate

All University Units- Graduate Students

Responsible Unit:
Office of the Provost

Policy Administrator:
Graduate College

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy describes time limits for degree and revalidation/retake policies for graduate students.  

(B) Policy 

(1) Time Limits

The time limit to complete all degree requirements for master’s, certificate, or specialist students is six years from the end of the earliest course used to fulfill degree requirements and eight years for doctoral students. 

(2) Course Revalidation

If a course has been taken more than six years before graduation (master’s, certificate, or specialist), or more than eight years before graduation (doctoral), students should consult their graduate program coordinator. The graduate program coordinator will determine if that course needs to be retaken, or if a revalidation experience can be offered. If offered, a revalidation experience may include a special examination or other written assignment, a portfolio, a new comprehensive or preliminary examination, or another academically appropriate experience. A thesis or dissertation may also serve as a revalidation method if approved. Students may be required to register for academic credit to accompany the academic revalidation experiences. If the revalidation is successful (e.g., passed by a grade of B or better), then the original course grade will be retained and the student’s transcript will reflect revalidation. If the revalidation is unsuccessful, then no change will be made to the student’s record. More than one attempt to revalidate a course is permitted if supported by a recommendation from the graduate coordinator of the degree program and approved by the dean designate of the Graduate College. 

(3) Limits to Revalidation 

(a) Revalidation opportunities are offered at the discretion of the program, and may not be offered in all situations.

(b) A successfully revalidated course can be used to fulfill degree requirements for up to two years from the semester in which it was revalidated.

(c) Students may not revalidate courses with a grade of C or lower, courses that are internships or other forms of practicum, or courses taken at other institutions.

Registered Date: October 17, 2018
Amended Date: April 11, 2019