International Teaching Assistant Language Policy - Graduate

3341-3-14 International Teaching Assistant Language Policy- Graduate

All University Units- Graduate Students

Responsible Unit:
Office of the Provost

Policy Administrator: 
Graduate College

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy pertains to all graduate assistants who serve in instructional capacities and who are not native speakers of English. 

(B) Policy 

(1) According to Ohio Revised Code Section 3345.281, all graduate assistants who serve in instructional capacities (teaching, tutoring, laboratory sections, etc.) who are not native speakers of English must demonstrate that they are orally proficient in the English language prior to serving an instructional role. Prospective graduate assistants who fulfill the above listed instructional responsibilities can demonstrate this proficiency by either providing an appropriate standardized English language proficiency test score or by completing the ESOL Program’s Spoken English Test (SET).*

It is the responsibility of each department to ensure that all nonnative English speaking graduate assistants receive clearance before beginning their assistantship duties and that all graduate assistants who are required to take ITA classes do so in the appropriate semesters. Departments should refer to the procedures posted on the ESOL Program’s website.

*Graduate Assistants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents only need to demonstrate English proficiency if they do not have an undergraduate/graduate degree from a U.S. institution. 

Registered Date: March 24, 2015
Amended Date: December 3, 2018