Grading Polices- Graduate

3341-3-9 Grading Policies- Graduate.

All University Units – Graduate Students

Responsible Unit
Office of the Provost

Policy Administrator
Graduate College

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy describes grading policies and incomplete policy. 

(B) Policy

(1) Unit of Credit

The unit of credit is the semester hour which is ordinarily earned by one hour of recitation or lecture a week per semester. Depending upon the amount of outside preparation required two or three hours of laboratory work carry the same credit as one hour of recitation or lecture.

(2) Grading System 

The following system of grades is used in reporting and recording a graduate student’s proficiency in courses:

A 4.00 points
B 3.00 points
C 2.00 points
D 1.00 points
F 0.00 points
WF withdraw failing 0.00 points

Some courses are graded on an S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) basis and are so indicated in the individual course descriptions. A grade of S is equivalent to a letter grade of B or higher (with the exception of 6910, 6990, or 7990, see below). If a graduate course has been approved for S/U grading, a graduate student is not eligible to receive a letter grade in that course. A course taken for graduate credit in which the grade of D, F, or U is received may not be used to meet degree requirements or to meet the minimum credit hour requirements for a graduate degree. Students should consult their academic program for any other requirements. Prior to Spring 2018, grades for courses numbered 6910, 6990, and 7990 are reported as IP (in progress) until the completed final capstone experience or experiences (e.g., research paper, portfolio, or academic equivalent), thesis, or dissertation is approved when the final grade of S (satisfactory) is substituted. Starting Spring 2018, grades for courses numbered 6910, 6990, and 7990 are graded on an S/U basis only. A grade of S in one of these courses denotes satisfactory progress that semester, and a grade of U in one of these courses denotes unsatisfactory progress that semester, based on criteria determined at the program level. The evaluation of the final experience, thesis, or dissertation is an independent judgment of the final status of the experience, thesis, or dissertation, and is independent from S or U grades earned. Master’s students are not permitted to use any 6990 thesis credits toward their Plan II requirements, regardless of the grade received.

(3) Letter Grading versus S/U Grading

Unlike undergraduate courses, each graduate course is approved by the university for either letter or S/U grading. Neither students nor instructors have the option to decide if a course is S/U or letter graded.

(4) Grading Options – Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students who take undergraduate courses are graded according to the undergraduate grading system. Such students receive a letter grade unless they register to be graded on an S/U basis. Regardless of the grading option, undergraduate courses taken by graduate students are not calculated in the graduate GPA.

(5) Incomplete Policy

An INC (incomplete) may be given only when a student fails to fulfill a specified requirement in a course. An incomplete may be given at the discretion of the instructor, only with the agreement of the student (exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis). The instructor should notify the student of the deadline and expectations for completion. An INC may be removed and a grade substituted if the student completes course requirements to the satisfaction of the instructor prior to the deadline established by the Graduate College (or prior to an earlier deadline established by the instructor). The Graduate College deadlines for removal of incomplete grades for the respective academic semesters are:

(a) Fall semester: March first
(b) Spring semester: August first
(c) Summer semester: November first

For an extension of the deadline, the student must make a written request to the instructor. If the instructor agrees, the instructor must petition their academic dean or designate for such consideration in writing prior to the expiration of the deadline stated above. For courses taken for a letter grade, any mark of INC not removed by these deadlines will change to F. For courses taken S/U, any mark of INC not removed by these deadlines will change to U. A student cannot graduate with a grade of INC in a graduate level course. If a student receives an INC in their graduation semester, they will be removed from the graduation list. They will then need to apply for graduation in a future semester after the incomplete has been resolved.

Registered Date: March 24, 2015
Amended Date: October 26, 2017; May 29, 2020