Advanced Undergraduates- Graduate

3341-3-2 Advanced Undergraduates- Graduate

All University Units- Graduate Students

Responsible Unit:
Office of the Provost

Policy Administrator:
Graduate College

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy describes criteria for graduate courses taken by advanced undergraduate students and transfer of BGSU graduate credit taken as an advanced undergraduate.

(B) Policy

(1) Graduate Courses for Advanced Undergraduates Under certain circumstances, it is permissible for undergraduate students to apply and be approved for advanced undergraduate status for course work prior to having received the baccalaureate degree. Any undergraduate student who wishes to take graduate courses must apply to the Graduate College for admission as an advanced undergraduate. Advanced undergraduate requests are term specific and will be processed prior to the first day of the term. To be eligible for advanced undergraduate admission the student must be in Senior Status (having completed ninety semester hours of undergraduate work) during the term the requested courses are to be taken in, and must have a minimum three point zero GPA. Only courses at the 5000 and 6000 levels will be considered. The academic officer in charge of the advanced undergraduate’s undergraduate degree program will have full authority in determining the appropriateness of a graduate course in fulfilling undergraduate degree requirements. Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to consult with the director and their advisor. The student must have the endorsement of the professor of the requested graduate course and the department Chair/School Director of the unit offering the course. The electronic form will be forwarded for completion once the Graduate College is contacted. Upon approval, the Graduate College will notify the Registration and Records office to add the registration to the student’s schedule. If the course is added to the student’s schedule, without prior graduate College approval, the course will be dropped from the student’s schedule. Once processed, if the graduate level course results in the student going over eighteen credit hours, the Registration and Records office will consult with the student’s college for final approval. All applicable excess credit fees assessed, as a result of going over 18 hours, will be the responsibility of the student. The classification of advanced undergraduate is not equivalent to admission to any particular graduate degree program. Advanced undergraduates wishing to continue their studies as graduate students must apply for admission to their desired graduate degree program, and advanced undergraduate status does not guarantee that admission will be granted. The student who is approved for the classification of advanced undergraduate may not register for more than nine semester hours of graduate course work in any one semester. An advanced undergraduate is eligible for a maximum of nine semester hours of graduate course work during his or her tenure at the university. Note: At the end of both the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, a student must have a minimum of one hundred fifty credit hours (one hundred twenty plus thirty equals one hundred fifty per state of Ohio regulations).

(2) Transfer of BGSU Graduate Credit taken as an Advanced Undergraduate

Students who have been fully admitted into a graduate degree program or graduate certificate program may count (as both graduate and undergraduate credit) up to nine hours of graduate credit earned as a BGSU advanced undergraduate. Students must have earned a grade of A or B for this to be allowed. Specific graduate programs may have additional limitations on the number of credits that can be approved, and the specific courses which are eligible. Students should refer to specific graduate program descriptions for details of these limitations.

Registered Date: March 24, 2015
Amended Date: November 2, 2016