Academic Progress, Probation, Dismissal- Graduate

3341-3-1 Academic Progress, Probation, Dismissal- Graduate

All University Units- Graduate Students

Responsible Unit:
Office of the Provost

Policy Administrator:
Graduate College

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy describes criteria for academic progress (including graduation), in addition to policies for academic probation and dismissal.

(B) Policy

(1) Academic Progress

In order to remain in good standing and to graduate, a student must make “satisfactory progress toward a degree”. Academic good standing is defined as:

(a) The maintenance of a three point zero grade point average;

(b) The maintenance of standards of academic and professional integrity expected in a particular discipline or program;

(c) No incomplete grades;

(d) The completion of departmental requirements other than course work, such as comprehensive and preliminary examinations, thesis research, or foreign language requirement, by established deadlines; and

(e) The absence of current suspensions, probations, or other disciplinary sanctions for violations of the Student Handbook.

A course taken for graduate credit in which a D, F, or WF was received may not be used to meet degree requirements nor to meet the minimum credit hour requirements for a graduate degree; however, the hours and grade are used to compute the cumulative grade point average. If a graduate student repeats a course, each grade received is counted in computing the cumulative grade point average. To compute GPA, the total number of points (on the 4.0 scale) are divided by the total number of hours undertaken for graduate credit, excluding courses in which the marks INC, IP, S, U, or W are recorded.

(2) Academic Probation and Dismissal

The Graduate College monitors all graduate student records at the end of each term once grades have been posted. Students who fail to maintain standards of academic and professional integrity expected in a particular discipline or program, fail to satisfy departmental expectations as noted in item number four under “Academic Progress”, or whose grade point average falls below three point zero are placed on probation, continued on probation, or dismissed. If it is determined that a student has little or no chance at successful completion, dismissal should be considered. Final approval of dismissal rests with the graduate dean designate. If the decision is made to dismiss the student from his or her program of study, the Graduate College will notify the student in writing and the Registrar will make the proper notation on the student’s record. A student who is on probation is not eligible for a new scholarship contract or assistantship contract unless an exception is requested by program coordinator and granted by the graduate dean designate. Students may lose funding at the end of a term and be placed on probation (without funding) for the subsequent term. Students who are on probation should work with their graduate coordinator to develop a written success plan that clearly states the outcome required to remedy the academic difficulty, signed by both the student and the program coordinator. This written success plan should be submitted to the Graduate College within one month after the start of classes the following semester. After a semester on probation, a decision will be made jointly by the program and the Graduate College to determine whether to: (a) reinstate good standing; (b) continue the probation with an updated written success plan; or (c) dismiss the student from the graduate program. According to the Academic Charter, a dismissal is an "administrative withdrawal from the University for a stated period of time not less than one year. . . . After the time has elapsed, the student may apply for readmission on the same basis as any student entering from another school. The student is subject to all regulations dealing with his or her status at the time of dismissal, e.g., academic warning." (See Part B, Section.G.2.f.1.b of the Academic Charter for more details.).

Registered Date: March 24, 2015