Academic Forgiveness for Graduate Students- Graduate

3341-3-69 Academic Forgiveness for Graduate Students- Graduate.

All University Units – Graduate Students

Responsible Unit
Office of the Provost

Policy Administrator
Graduate College  

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy describes the policies and conditions related to academic forgiveness for graduate students. 

(B) Policy 

(1) Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for Academic Forgiveness, the student must:  

(a) Be conditionally admitted to a new degree or certificate program after an absence of a least one calendar year;

(b) Have a submitted Academic Forgiveness Request;

(c) Earn a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the first nine graded graduate hours completed since returning (e.g., no S/U or audit); and

(d) Apply prior to the end of the semester following the completion of nine graded graduate hours since returning. 

(2) Effects of an approved academic forgiveness: When the above eligibility criteria have been met and the academic forgiveness request has been approved, the following will happen: 

(a) All graduate‐level grades earned at BGSU prior to reentry are excluded from the calculation of the GPA (i.e., forgiven);

(b) Each grade that is subject to this policy will remain on the official transcript but will be noted as "forgiven."

(c) The student automatically forfeits the right to use any of the excluded course work toward current or future degree or certificate requirements. 

(3) Conditions:  

(a) Any academic honesty violations, probations, suspensions, or dismissals from prior semesters will remain on the student’s academic record.

(b) Any punitive grades awarded as the result of an Academic Honesty Violation will not be forgiven. These grades will continue to be used to calculate the student’s cumulative grade point average. Grades of S or U will not have any impact on the student's grade point average.

(c) Courses taken during the student’s time away from BGSU cannot be transferred in toward current or future degree or certificate requirements.

(d) Academic forgiveness cannot be applied after a student earns a graduate degree or certificate.

(e) A student can have academic forgiveness applied to their academic record only one time, regardless of how many times they enter or attend graduate programs at BGSU. 

Registered Date: May 23, 2019