BGSU Opioid Teach-In

What is a Teach-In?

Teach-Ins provide a time-limited focused examination of difficult political or social issues and problems.  Teach-Ins engage the entire University community including students, faculty, and staff in an educational platform that is engaging, participatory, and organized toward action and solutions. 

Change the Story: Opioid Crisis Teach-in

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union

The campus and northwest Ohio communities came together for a day of learning to Change the Story on the opioid crisis. Our aim was to raise awareness about the crisis; to make connections to existing resources, research and data; and to apply our expertise as educators to make a change! Are you in?

Background and Resources on the Opioid Crisis

How Can I Change the Story?

  • Teach – Integrate this topic into your fall courses.  
  • Learn – Attend events on September 25, 2018 to learn more.  
  • Lead – Impart knowledge for positive change

Activities and Events

Presentations and Discussions on  

  • Family Experiences
  • MAM is Your Boy Blue? - The Neurology of Addiction
  • Recovery
  • Treatment
  • Urban, Suburban, & Rural Responses to the Crisis
  • Prevention
  • Substance Abuse, Mental Health, & Trauma
  • Intergenerational Addiction
  • Practical Skills for Speaking with Individuals about Addiction

Shared Activities

  • Resource Fair - Community service providers and organizations
  • Opioid Interactive Experience
  • BGSU Wall of Impact
  • BGSU Angels
  • Listening Post

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