Five Career Tracks for Finance Students

Finance is a broad discipline dealing with allocating funds within organizations and acquiring funds to meet current and future needs. Finance students distinguishing themselves through proper coursework, internships and co-curricular activities enjoy exciting careers the areas below.

Current starting salary over $55,000. This year, the department awarded more than $25,000 in scholarships to Finance majors!

This career is for graduates who enjoy applying their financial skills in dynamic, non-financial firms, working with leaders of corporations or government agencies to help them make prudent financial decisions.

Graduates join commercial or investment banks and assist bank officers in making appropriate lending and other bank-related decisions.

Graduates work as security analysts and investment portfolio managers. If you enjoy helping other people manage their wealth, this is the career track for you!

Graduates are trained in all aspects of insurance/risk management. Ideal for a self-starter who likes to work independently. A career with an insurance company can offer great monetary rewards.

Graduates provide services in investment, insurance, tax, retirement and estate planning for independent and national financial planning and service companies and their regional branches.

DON’T FORGET INTERNSHIPS! All undergraduate finance students are advised to participate in at least one before graduating.

Updated: 12/12/2022 10:35AM