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Sung Bae 2020

Greetings from the Department of Finance! We are delighted to present our Department Newsletter-Spring 2022.

Our campus is slowly returning to the “new” normal. Since last fall the majority of our classes have been delivered in in-person mode, and the university has recently lifted the indoor face covering mandate following the CDC guidelines.

Our Finance program continues to grow strong. Although there was a “hiccup” in the enrollment growth during the last AY, we enrolled 291 students in the Finance Specialization this fall, bouncing off 265 in Fall 2020 and returning to the pre-pandemic level. The Finance Minor this fall has also enrolled 21, recovering from 17 last fall. Among Finance Specialization students, 18% are freshmen, 21% sophomores, 30% juniors, and 31% seniors. Our Insurance & Risk Management program enrolls a total of 34, 20 specialization and 14 minor this fall, down from 49 last fall. Nevertheless, the insurance course enrollment shows a strong increase from 47 in Fall 2020 to 62 in Fall 2021. During the same period, the College enrollment dropped from 1,916 in Fall 2020 to 1,848 in Fall 2021.

This past academic year of 2020-21 we graduated 62 Finance students and 16 insurance students out of 432 college graduates. You will see the names and placements of our graduates in this newsletter.

Thanks to your continuing support, the department awarded a record amount of scholarships—$33,700 to 61 Finance students (vs. $27,500/38 last AY) and $21,000 to 26 Insurance & RM students (vs. $21,000/21 last AY)—and two graduating senior awards with a $500 cash prize each this AY. Our deep appreciation goes to all our donors including Insurance & Risk Management Institute members, alumni, friends, and department colleagues to make this happen.

The Department held the joint Finance and Insurance Advisory Board meeting remotely last September with 18 attendees (6 FAB, 7 IAB, 5 faculty members). You will find more info on the main topics and attendees of the joint board meeting in this newsletter. We plan to hold this year’s annual joint board meeting on campus on September 16 during the Homecoming Week.

We have had a few changes in our faculty and staff this past year. While there was no change in FT faculty, the Department has two new adjunct members—Tony Zheng (teaching FIN 3000 sections) and Lonie Moore (teaching FIN 4140). The Department is currently in the process of hiring a new FT Administrative Assistant. The Department office has been staffed by a temporary position (Kianarose Irving) and help from Marsha Bostelman since the last turnover. Dr. Mingsheng Li is back this spring from his Faculty Improvement Leave last fall. Mr. Roc Starks was promoted to Associate Teaching Professor last spring.

We would love hearing from you. Please share your stories with our students and alums. Simply email the questionnaire at the bottom of the newsletter. In case you plan to visit campus, please let us know of your plan so that we can greet you.  The Department faculty, staff, and students are looking forward to another year of progress and success. We invite you all to be a part of this endeavor.

Best wishes to you and your family for a healthy and productive year.

Go Falcons!

Sung Bae, Chair


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Finance & Insurance Specialization Graduates and Job Placements–CY 2021

(Note: Employer information is only for graduates who provided the job placement info.)

Congratulations to all Finance and Insurance & RM graduates for their super academic achievements!

Name Employer   Name Employer
Spring 2021   Summer 2021
Anderson, Blake    

Almadhi, Abdulmajeed

Basinger, Trent     Baker, Hailey  
Bauer, Austen TQL   Brown, Daniel  
Beach, Samuel     Cross, Ryan  
Becker, Joshua     Keller, Madison  
Biggs, Mason     Lambert, Noah Auto-Owner
Bloomfield, Hannah     Poiry, Nathan  
Bondi, Caroline     Reichle, Jacob  
Broughton, Stephon        
Cahal, Brandon     Fall 2021
Carroll, Gayge     Bland, Donovan  
Clemens, Jace     Buescher, Zachary  
Conroy, Brennan     Calzada, Riley  
Dop, Eric     Collins, Chelsea  
Fink, Mitchell     Gauthier, Nathan  
Ford, Connor     Haley, John-Ross  
Foster, Jessica     Lanier, Aulyvia  
Funtulis, Phillip BGSU   Lipscomb, Kyle CVS
Hayes, Casey Applications LLC   Miller, Seth Plante Mora
Hehl-Myers, Lauren Savage & Associates   Murphy, Ethan  
Hopper, Tyler Eaton   Nguyen, Khanh  
Johnson, Janae     Padgett, Ellen  
Kaufman, Evan     Rocco, Raimondo  
Klinski, Kaylee     Schalk, Sarah  
Knoth, Mitchell     Tye, Nicole  
Kuess, Spencer A & M Cold Storage   Waskielis, Jacob JDuBs Marine Detailing
Lanning, Dylan Western Reserve Res.   Winner, Anthony  
Lashaway, Ryan        
Lewis, Joseph        
Long, Rachel Hanz Group      
Lotz, Trevor        
Minney, Gage        
Morman, Preston Morgan Stanley      
Musser, Carson        
Ramirez, Michael        
Rieman, Cody        
Robinson, Ryan Seven Oaks Financial      
Rufus, Cameron Ritholz Wealth Mgt      
Sandlin, Jacob        
Smith, Bailey        
Stash, Julia Amazon      
Struhar, Joseph        
Sullivan, Christopher        
Talabac, Trey        
Timbrook, Riley        
Valente, Allison First Energy Corp      
Warburton, Megan Owens Corning      
Worner, Vincent        

Department Scholarships and Awards Winners-AY 2021-2022

Congratulations to all Finance and Insurance & RM scholarship and award winners!

Finance awarded $33,700 in scholarships to 61 students. Finance scholarship winners are listed below:

Bruce and Janet Misamore Scholarships Morgan Etzinger; Lance Kern; Hannah Morehart
Darwin B. Close Scholarship Jay Prenger; Devan Harmych
Donald L. Speck Scholarships Nathaniel Roffman; Trevor Schaller
Emery S. Gielow Scholarship Erricka Lincoln; Tatiana Leffler; Ireland Hutchins
Finance Faculty Book Award -
Geoffrey & Linda Radbill Scholarships-Finance Gabriel Adams; Brandon Moore; Andrew Nedeljkovic Hailey Vaughn; Rhiannon Wallace; Nathaniel Weaver
John & Inge Bowyer Book Awards Braxtyn Baldwin; Linsey Jenkins
J. Warren Hall Scholarships Brycen Andrews; Gayge Carroll; Curtis Morbitzer
Kenneth H. Harger Scholarships Joshua Auten; Paige Bachner; Giovonni Colantonio; Zachary Hoffman; Nevaeh Miller; Kelsey Sager; Cole Sonner
Key Bank Scholarships Jonathan Abbuhl; Ryan Bates; Bryanna Vanden Bosch; Nichole Cox
Louis & Adelyne Klein Book Awards Kyle Mitchell
Mary Jane Little Dorais Scholarships in Finance Nicholas Catrone; Kayla Dingman; Malia Hamad; Damyon Juntunen; Kyle Lynch; Brandon Rattray; Sydney Snyder
North Star Scholarship Sarah Schalk
Sung & Kwangmi Bae Finance Excellence Scholarship Alexis Noll
Thomas Pemberton Scholarships Alyssa Chy; Alexander Jivoin; Justin Luoma
William H. & Muriel A. Fichthorn Scholarships Tyler Canitia; Kristina Fennell; Wade Howell; Ian Johnson; Sarah Kerr; Forrest Kuchling; Vince Manning; Cameron McNeal; Claire Rigel; Hogan Thomas

Insurance awarded $21,000 in scholarships to 26 students.  Insurance scholarship winners are listed below:

Geoffrey & Linda Radbill Scholarships-Insurance Nickolas Geier; Anthony Russell
Grange Insurance Scholarships Hope Chaffin; Nichole Cox; Anna Gehring; Todd Gyurke; Rana Rzyczycki; Jacob Sandlin; Julie Sollars; Sydney Sunkle; Austin Wiemken
IRMI Member Scholarship-Brown & Brown Abigail Paquin
IRMI Member Scholarship-Hylant Group Brandon Hemsworth
IRMI Member Scholarship-Medical Mutual of Ohio Rachel Schnipke
IRMI Member Scholarship-Paramount Carolyn Smith
IRMI Member Scholarship-Prudential Allison Bertke
IRMI Member Scholarship-Radbill Ryan Bates
IRMI Member Scholarship-Western & Southern Life Dakota Doles
IRMI Member Scholarship-Westfield Group Madeleine Loges
RIMS Scholarships Kristina Fennell; Elene Kaufmann; Jack Myers; Makenna Young
Richard T. Wallack Family Scholarship -

2021 Top Graduating Senior Honors

Two students were awarded the 2021 Top Graduating Senior Honors with a $500 cash prize each.

FINANCE – Rachel Long

Rachel Long

  • Specialized in Finance and Financial Planning with plans to take the CFP exam by the end of the year
  • Interned at Northwestern Mutual in the summer of 2020 as a financial representative and became licensed in life, accident, and health insurance
  • Interned at Hantz Financial since October 2020
  • Studied abroad in Oslo, Norway at BI Norwegian Business School
  • Maintained a 4.0 and recognized with the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement
  • Served as President of the Waterski Team and recognized as Most Improved Team of the year in 2019 by Midwest Collegiate Waterskiing
  • Started a full-time position as Financial Assistant at Hantz Financial in Toledo, OH.

INSURANCE - Nichole Cox

Nichole Cox

When I came to college, I started off as a Finance major (and still am), however, I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up another specialization which is Insurance & Risk Management. This is such an exciting specialization, and I have learned so much especially from Roc Starks, who is a great professor. I’ve been on the Dean’s list six out of seven of the last semesters, along with carrying a current GPA of 3.659. I am also a member of the BGSU Women’s Golf team which keeps me extra busy. On top of that, I am a member of the organization Student Ambassadors which works closely with Dean Braun of the Schmidthorst College of Business to engage prospective students, current students, and alumni. Next year, I will be on the executive board for Student Ambassadors. I am also a member of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, and Gamma Iota Sigma. Recently, I’ve been selected to serve on the Insuring Ohio Futures Subcommittee for the 2021-2022 academic year. I’m honored to be receiving this prestigious award, go falcons!

Janae Johnson, a Finance Senior, Selected as the College’s 2021 Karl E. Vogt Top Graduating Senior!

Janae Johnson

Below is Janae’s article published on the College web site (written by Madi Bannister, Schmidthorst College Communications Intern).

The Schmidthorst College of Business is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2021 Karl E. Vogt Outstanding Senior Award is Janae Johnson, a Finance and Business Analytics major from Euclid, Ohio. The Karl E. Vogt Award is named in honor of a former dean of the Schmidthorst College and recognizes the top graduating senior who has demonstrated superior scholarship, participation, leadership, and excellence in campus and/or community activities.

Johnson is involved in many organizations in the Schmidthorst College, including being an executive board member for the Schmidthorst Student Ambassadors, Council Organizer for the Dean’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion (DACODI), Student Organization Representative for Dean’s Advisory Council, and a founding member of Students of Color in Business. Outside of school, Johnson is involved in her scholarship committee for the Thompson Working Family Scholars by serving as an ambassador and peer mentor. She also enjoys volunteering at the Cleveland Food Bank.

Johnson has had a plethora of work experience. Throughout her years at BGSU, she’s been an Information Technology Business Analyst Intern at Eaton, a Strategic Business Analyst Intern for STERIS Corporation, a Research Intern for the Schmidthorst College of Business, and a Banker Trainer Intern at Quicken Loans.

The Karl E. Vogt Award winner is chosen from eleven departmental nominees. Please join me in congratulating Janae for this well-deserved accomplishment.

Finance/Insurance & RM students won first place in the MAPFRE Case Competition!

case competition winners, Vincent Zhang, Nick Geier, Ryan Brown, Lexi Noll

Left to Right: Vincent Zhang, Nick Geier, Ryan Brown, Lexi Noll

Four Finance/Insurance & RM students, Lexi Noll, Ryan Brown, Nick Geier and Vincent Zhang, finished in first place in the MAPFRE case competition at the University of Akron on February 25. It’s a competition for risk management and insurance students (similar to CAPSIM). Professor Roc Starks led the student team as faculty advisor.

The simulation consisted of three rounds. Overall, the competing teams were ranked based on market share, benefits, combined ratio, and solvency. The BGSU team decided to compete heavily based on market share because it was the highest weighted area. Each round the teams were tasked with analyzing the current position of a company and deciding where the teams wanted to take it from there. Decisions had to be made for both auto and homeowners segments. Each round teams decided how much to increase premiums for both renewals and new policies individually. Teams also determined what to pay in commissions to agents and what percentage of new business in each segment teams wanted to take on.  

In each round, there was an unknown risk of a catastrophic loss. To combat this, teams needed to decide where and at what amount they wanted to reinsure the lines of business. Choices were made for each segment and at per unit, large loss, and catastrophic loss levels. Teams also had to decide how much they wanted to invest in marketing, wages, IT, and legal expenses each round. Lastly, because a large part of how insurance companies make money is through investing, teams had to decide where to invest the funds for the current year. Money could be split up between equities, property, government bonds, AAA bonds, BBB bonds, and cash holdings. After looking at expected returns and considering the riskiness of each option teams split up the money in hopes to earn an investment income for the year.

Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) Update

The Student Managed Investment Portfolio is benchmarked against the S&P 500 index and is organized into 11 different sectors: Communications, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Real Estate, and Utilities. The goal of the class is to beat the S&P 500 stock index on a risk adjusted basis by overweighting and underweighting sectors relative to the benchmark as well as selecting individual stocks. Investment decisions are determined by a simple majority of student votes. This semester we bought Adobe, NVIDIA, UnitedHealth, PayPal, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, US Bancorp, Amazon, Penn National Gaming, and PayPal. We sold Hologic, HCA Healthcare, Jacobs Engineering, and Diageo.

Our portfolio generated a total return of 23% yet we were trailing the index by 3%. After adjusting for risk, we did produce nearly 1% of annualized alpha using a 5-factor model. This fulfills our goal of beating the benchmark on a risk-adjusted basis. Our long-term performance has been even better with a 3-year total return of 64% and a 5-year total return of 134%. The portfolio’s current value is $900k.

SMIF is the key part of course work in FIN 4360 (Portfolio Management) class taught by Dr. Steven Rush.

Back Row Left to Right:

Riley Calzada, Giovanni Colantonio, Ryan Bates, Donovan Bland, Noah Platzke, John Haley

Front Row Left to Right:

Skylar Visser, Aulyvia Lanier, Kyle Scherzer, Jake Waskielis, Samuel Giedeman, Brock Meyer

Financial Management Society Update

The BGSU Financial Management Society is a student run organization for students interested in a career in finance. The society provides a great environment for learning, gaining leadership experience, and increasing members' visibility with regard to potential employers.

FMS accomplishes its goals by hosting regular meetings for members. At these meetings, our speakers present information about what it is like to practice finance in their particular area (i.e. corporate, financial planning, banking, etc.), information about their respective company and internship and job opportunities.

While COVID, and the closing of campus was very hard on FMS, as well as all student groups. But we are back with regular meetings and making plans for future activities. Over the last academic year, we have had numerous presentations by alumni and other finance practitioners. For those meetings in which we do not have guest presenters, we have presentations by students on some topic of interest, followed by a Kahoots quiz for fun and prizes.

The current officers for FMS are:

President - Forrest Kuchling 

VP - Ryan Rump

Treasurer - Jacob Smithesler 

Secretary - Giovanni illoneli

Social media - Carlos Zaragoza

Deans advisory committee- David Heilman  

Our meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6:00. If anyone is interested in presenting to FMS (either virtually or in person), please contact our President, Forrest Kuchling,

Gamma Iota Sigma Update

Gamma Iota Sigma, Insurance & RM student club, added 11 new members since the start of Fall 2021 semester.

Anthony Russell, President of the BGSU Beta Chapter, attended the 50th Annual National Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) conference in Columbus Ohio in late September. Abby Paquin has re-invigorated the Beta Chapter social media presence. Faculty Advisor Professor Roc Starks also attended the National Conference. As is always the case with GIS, there were myriad learning opportunities and career expos. Anthony Russell was also awarded the prestigious Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers scholarship for 2021-22.

The Beta Chapter also hosted Career Expos with Hylant Insurance, Brown and Brown and Central Mutual companies in an effort to provide industry exposure to all of our membership. The Chapter will also be coordinating activities with the Ohio State University’s Alpha Chapter of GIS in Spring 2022 semester.

Student News

We were deeply saddened by the news that our former Finance student Paige Redlin ’20 of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, passed away on June 18, 2021 after a courageous battle with cancer. She was expected to receive her MBA degree in August 2021. While pursuing her MBA in the Schmidthorst College of Business, she worked as a graduate assistant in the college's Business Career Accelerator and a student employee in the Office of Technology Transfer and Services. During her UG years, Paige was highly engaged in the College, serving as a Peer Leader, Student Ambassador, and President of the Women in Business Leadership student organization. Paige graduated from BGSU in May 2020 with a BSBA, specializing in finance and international business. Page was the winner of the 2020 Finance Graduating Senior Award.

Page Redlin will be remembered for her passion to inspire and support women in their pursuit of business careers and for her impactful contributions to our Department and College.


Insurance & Risk Management Annual Symposium and IRMI Dinner

insurance and risk mgmt symposium panel 

Left to right: Bryan Okuley, Casie Grau, Diane Hipp, Richard Wallack, Roc Starks (Moderator)

insurance and risk mgmt symposium room 

The Department held the Annual Insurance & RM Symposium on September 16, 2021 after a hibernation in 2020. Titled as “Insurance Industry during & after the Pandemic”, the primary topic of the symposium was how the insurance industry has responded to COVID-19 issues with respect to staffing, financial implications, remote work and myriad other related issues. Panelists representing Ohio Mutual, Medical Mutual, Westfield Group and Western and Southern Insurance spent the afternoon discussing the impact of COVID-19 on Employee recruitment and retention, employee engagement and the overall impact on their business model. Approximately 75 students from across the Schmidthorst College of Business were in attendance. (More event photos are in Photo Gallery)

Immediately following the Symposium, the Department held the Annual Insurance & Risk Management Institute (IRMI) Dinner starting 5:15 p.m. After the dinner, IRMI members were formally recognized for their strong and continuous support for our Insurance & RM program and student activities including IRMI scholarships.  After the recognition of IRMI members, Dr. Sung Bae also recognized winners of last year’s insurance scholarships.  Then, Professor Roc Starks briefed on AY 2020-21 IRMI activities and introduced student presenters who spoke on their activities with GIS chapter and internship experience.

Finance and Insurance & Risk Management Advisory Board Virtual Joint Meeting

finance and insurance and risk mgmt advisory board meeting 1 

finance and insurance and risk mgmt advisory board meeting 2 

The Department held the virtual joint Finance and Insurance Advisory Board meeting on September 17 with 18 attendees (6 FAB, 7 IAB, and 5 faculty members). The meeting started 10:00 a.m. and after a brief introduction of attendees and development updates by Karly DeGroot, Dr. Sung Bae and Professor Roc Starks presented updates on Finance and Insurance programs and student activities, respectively. Following the presentations, breakout meetings for FAB and IAB ensued for around an hour. Then, the two boards convened again and presented the main issues and outcomes from each board meeting by the board chair or rep. The joint meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

Finance Advisory Board Breakout Meeting

Attendees: FAB-Daniel Burke; Brendan Foley; Matt Garrow; Mark Kangas; Bruce Misamore; Neil Roache. Faculty-Sung Bae; Steve Rush; Tonghua Zheng

The Board discussed two main issues: Discussion Topic 1 - board governance; and Discussion Topic 2 – polishing learning goals for Finance Specialization. For DT1, the Board elected Kangas as Chair, Misamore as Advisor and Burke as Vice Chair. For DT2, several constructive comments/inputs were offered.

FAB new officers and Dr. Bae met again virtually on December 13 to discuss modifications in the current FAB bylaws. The newly revised FAB bylaws will be presented to the FAB members in its next meeting.

Insurance Advisory Board Breakout Meeting

Attendees: IAB-Peter Bahner, Sr.; Brian Bowerman; Sarah Burns; Hannah Decker; Connie Frey; Thomas Hogan; Geoffrey Radbill. Faculty-Rock Starks

The Board discussed enrollment in the Risk Management and Insurance specialization for fall 2021 as compared with prior years.  The Board also reviewed a number of growth strategies such as visits to other finance classes, Gamma Iota Sigma members presenting in INS 2100 (introductory class) and coordination with the Actuarial Science students in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Board also reviewed the Academic Year 2021-22 scholarship updates and how the Insurance and RM specialization might increase its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.


Finance and Insurance & RM Curriculum Updates

FIN 4200 (Financial Technology (Fintech) Innovations and Applications) is offered first time this spring with a strong enrollment of 23. The new course is counted toward a Finance elective with 3 credit hours. This course is to introduce students to the fundamental building blocks of financial technologies with a focus on the application of Fintech using cases to understand how Fintech solves specific problems in financial markets. Topics may include innovations in payments, credit tech, crowdfunding, artificial intelligence and machine learning, robo-advising, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Dr. Liuling Liu teaches this course.

INS 3220 (Life & Health Insurance) has been accepted into the University Associate Program by the National Alliance for Insurance Education. Students who successfully complete the course will receive credits toward completion of the Certified Insurance Counselor professional designation.


Faculty Publications

  • Kwon, Taek Ho, Sung C. Bae, Soon Hong Park, “The Interactions of Corporate Sales Growth and Diversification Strategy: Cross-Country Evidence.” Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions, and Money 75 (2021). (ABS rating: 3).
  • Bae, Sung C., Taek Ho Kwon, “Do Firms Benefit from Related Party Transactions with Foreign Affiliates? Evidence from Korea.” International Review of Finance 21 (September 2021), Issue 3, 945-965. (ABS rating: 3)
  • Bae, Sung C., Taek Ho Kwon, “Hedging Operating and Financing Risk with Financial Derivatives during the Global Financial Crisis” Journal of Futures Markets 41 (March 2021), Issue 3, 384-405. (ABS rating: 3)
  • Francis, B., Hasan, I., Liu, L., Wu, Q., & Zhao, Y. (2021). Financial analysts’ career concerns and the cost of private debt. Journal of Corporate Finance, 67, 101868. (ABS rating: 4)

Faculty Activities, Achievements and Awards

  • Dr. Mingsheng Li presented his research work entitled “Is social trust a governance mechanism? Evidence from dividend payout of Chinese firms” at the 2021 Financial Management Association (FMA) Conference in Denver. Three of his papers have been accepted for publishing. The paper entitled “Price informativeness and state-owned enterprises: considering their heterogeneity” was accepted for publishing by International Review of Financial Analysis, which has an ABS rating of 3. His second paper entitled “Credit policy and its effects on green innovation” was accepted for publishing by Journal of Financial Stability, which has an ABS rating of 3. His third paper entitled “Political connection and its impact on equity market” was accepted for publishing by Research in International Business and Finance, which has an ABS rating of 2. He was appointed as a Deputy Editor by Accounting and Finance since March 2021, and he continues to serve as an Associate Editor of Research in International Business and Finance. He took faculty improving leave (FIL) in fall 2021 and will return to campus in spring 2022.
  • Dr. Liuling Liu participated in Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economics Scholars Program (ESP) with several program students.
  • Professor Phillip Bollin, Certified Financial Planner™, was accepted into membership by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) in 2021. NAPFA is a prestigious association of the country’s leading Fee-Only financial planners. Accepted members must pass a rigorous approval process which includes a review of the member’s comprehensive financial planning deliverables. NAPFA provides education, support and a rigid framework and discipline for its 3,800 member practitioners. It is estimated that less than 1% of all licensed financial advisors are NAPFA practitioners. Bollin’s firm, Bollin Wealth Management LLC, is one of only two NAPFA member firms in the Toledo metropolitan area.
  • Professor Roc Starks was promoted to Associate Teaching Professor. He was also recognized through the Center for Faculty Excellence for making a difference in the lives of students.

New Staff-Adjunct Professors

tony zheng

Tony Zheng is a Chemical Engineer by training with a PhD from Tulane University. He has worked in the industry for 16 years including companies such as BASF and Johns Manville.

Tony also has an MBA in Finance from Bowling Green State University. In addition to utilizing his Finance skills in Engineering, he has been an Adjunct Professor of Finance since 2015. He is teaching 2 sections for 2021-2022 academic year at Bowling Green State University.

Tony lives with his wife (a CAE engineer at O-I), son (17 years old) and daughter (13 years old) in Sylvania, OH. In his spare time, Tony enjoys playing basketball and investing.

lonie d moore

Lonie D. Moore is an Advanced Mathematics Teacher and Head of In-Plan Guaranteed Income Retirement Products at Nationwide Financial, who has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in education and actuarial science. Lonie has the FINRA Series 6 and Series 65 qualifications, as well as Ohio Life, Accident & Health, and Variable Contracts licenses.

He has a BS in Actuarial Mathematics and German from Bowling Green State University and two Master’s degrees; MS in Statistics from West Virginia University and an MBA from Xavier University. Lonie is currently Teaching the Retirement and Employee Benefits Planning (FIN 4140) course at BGSU.

In his personal life, Lonie enjoys spending time with his daughters (Grace, Emily, and Zuri) and playing guitar.


Special thanks to our donors for scholarships, gifts, and other contributions:

Allison McGranaghan Andrew & Kimberly Fichthorn Avery Dennison Corporation
Brendan & Kimberly Foley Brett Newman -
Brown and Brown Insurance Bruce & Janet Misamore -
Charles & Deborah Lynn Schaan Christian Burns Collin Reynolds
Daniel P. Klein & Linda Bowyer Darwin B. Close David Day & Jose Rodrigues
Donald L. & Suzanne Speck Emery S. Gielow Fern Harger
Fifth Third Bank Foundation Fran McGranaghan Frank & Kathleen Verdi
Fred E. Scholl Charitable Foundation Fritz Brown Geoffrey & Linda Radbill
Grange Insurance Huntington Bank Hylant family foundation
Jake Sweede Jared Poff Jeffrey Born
Joan McGranaghan John & Deborah Bowen J. Warren Hall
Kahle/Fiduccia Family Kenneth H. Harger Kenneth & Nancy L. Arndt
KeyBank of Northwest Ohio Kiwanis Perrysburg Margaret P. Close
Mary Jane Little Dorais Maryana Hall MacArthur Plumart
Mark Kangas (North Star Group) Mark McGranaghan Matt & Jennifer Wey
Matthew & Jane Garrow Maureen & Christopher Conroy Maurice E. Miller, Jr.
Medical Mutual of Ohio Michael G. Romanello Michael & Julia Mitchell
Michael & Mary Lee McGranaghan Mingsheng Li Neil Roache
Norman Fichthorn Ohio Farmers Insurance Ohio Insurance Institute
Owens-Illinois Charities Foundation Paramount Insurance Peter G. & Donna L. Bahner
Prudential Insurance Rachel Wingate Raj & Kausalya Padmaraj
Richard & Mary Gilts RIMS of Toledo Robert & Laura Wolverton
Steven Rado Sung & Kwangmi Bae Thomas & Cynthia Pemberton
Timothy Egloff & Tracy Tester Tony Zheng & Xia Liu -
Western & Southern Life Westfield Insurance William & Muriel Fichthorn


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