BGSU Alumnus Keith Grass Sponsors New Initiatives

Dedicated BGSU alumni continue to “give back” to the College of Business through programs that enhance the student experiences during their college career. This academic year, Dean Ray Braun initiated several programs to engage faculty and students including dean’s events, workshops for professional development, and class stewardship with Time Capsules.

College of Business alumnus and Board of Advocates chairman, Keith Grass (’78), was particularly impressed with Dean Braun’s efforts and sponsored the “Dean’s Guide to Practical Business Workshop Series,” “Dean’s Golf Workshop,” “Dean’s Picnic on the Green,” and several dinners that facilitated interaction among the dean, students, faculty, and the Board of Advocates.

Grass explains his support for the College. “I’m pleased with Dean Braun’s efforts to create programs that are practical. He is creating actual real-world business situations that the students will find themselves in as soon as they enter the business world. This will prepare our students to succeed.”

He adds, “Sponsoring these initiatives is a way to show my support and assist the dean.”

If you would like to get involved with the College of Business and help our future business leaders, contact Dean Ray Braun at

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM