Start the Conversation

Creating a Community of Care

Start the Conversation is all about creating a community of care at BGSU. Caring communities are protective communities. They prevent individual community members from struggling alone or unnoticed, and can even prevent people from struggling in some ways all together. As Falcons, we demonstrate our care for each other by noticing and reaching out to one another. Start the Conversation has a variety of ways to learn how to contribute to the community of care at BGSU and to become active in this initiative. Below are just a few examples of how you are your group can get involved:

  • Start the Conversation Trainings: Learn how you can contribute to the Community of Care at BGSU and make sure that no Falcon struggles alone. This interactive training will teach you how to identify warning signs of people who might be struggling and how to be helpful to them. You will learn how powerful often simple expressions of care can be. You will also learn what to do if you know someone who is in crisis. Contact us for upcoming dates or to bring the training to your group or department.
  • Messages of Care: Help us collect messages of care by staffing a table at the Union. Individual students or student groups may sign up to help with this. These messages collected on post-it notes will be distributed through this website, our future Community of Care app, and in various artistic ways throughout campus.  
  • Supporting the Cause: If your student group is looking for a cause to support, we can always use more financial support!  
  • Promote Suicide Prevention Videos: Promote the winning Suicide Prevention videos on your website and/or social media. Contact us for more information on this.
  • Share Ideas: If you have an idea for how you can be helpful to us, we’d love to hear it!