General purchasing inquiries                                     

Main Line: 419-372-8411                                                                                  

Email: purchasing@BGSU.edu


Kristina Rhine
  • Procure to Pay Manager
  • 419-372-4694
  • krhine@bgsu.edu
  • Contact regarding: Chrome River, Falcon’s Purch, Accounts Payable, and Vendor set-up process
  • Business Operations Specialist
  • 419-372-8411
  • purchasing@bgsu.edu
  • Contact regarding: Vehicle title and registration, contract expirations/renewals, Purchasing inquiries, *Notary
Jake Konecny
  • Purchasing System Specialist
  • 419-372-8395
  • konecnj@bgsu.edu
  • Contact regarding: Pcard, Chrome River and Falcon’s Purch training and inquiries
Jennifer Kaster
  • Procurement Specialist
  • 419-372-8414
  • jkaster@bgsu.edu
  • Contact regarding: ITS (Software/Hardware) agreements, Scientific Instruments, Academic and Grant purchasing 
Andrew Angelone
  • Procurement Specialist
  • 419-372-8418
  • andange@bgsu.edu
  • Contact regarding: UPS/FedEx, Amazon, BES "Staples", Shuttle Service, Car Rental, Fuel Cards, Iron Mountain, Travel, Transportation, Vehicle purchases, and Moving Expenses, Grant purchasing, Promotional products, Event Rental, and Staffing Services
Lorna Przeslawski
  • Procure to Pay Analyst
  • 419-372-9289
  • lornap@bgsu.edu
  • Contact regarding: Vendor Onboarding and PCard Audit
  • Procurement Specialist
  • 419-372-8411
  • purchasing@bgsu.edu
  • Contact regarding: Campus Operations/Services Contracts, Furniture, Construction (State of Ohio), Time and Material services, MRO (Maintenance and Repair Operations), Equipment Rental
Chelsea Seguna
  • Purchasing Analyst
  • 419-372-9304
  • cseguna@bgsu.edu
  • Contact regarding: Prevailing Wage and Construction projects, Falcon's Purch and Chrome River Inquiries

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