Academic Enrichment Camps

First Two Camps Provided at No Cost!!

On behalf of the Academic Enrichment Camp community we are excited to share some exciting news with you. Through a benevolent donor the BGSU AEC Camps can provide students the opportunity to take up to two camp subjects, or one camp subject per session at NO COST. 

With gratitude and heartfelt thanks, we want to acknowledge this generous donation that allows the AEC program the opportunity to support the public good through strengthening and enriching academic knowledge and learning over the summer. 


The BGSU Academic Enrichment Camps are back for 2021 and have been redesigned to meet the needs of students in grades 3 through 8. Every day for two weeks students will be engaged in interactive virtual learning in a variety of content areas of their choice. Students can select to enrich their learning in mathematics, reading, science and now social studies. These courses are taught and designed by trained teachers who are experts in their content. During the camps, students will work directly with their camp instructor and same age peers, enjoying a variety of activities to grow their interest in learning and deepen their knowledge.


  • Up to two camps FREE 
  • Add-On Camps $89 ea 
  • Virtual Program from your home

All about the Academic Enrichment Camps

Learn more about the camps from Director Dr. Gabriel Matney


  • Session 1: June 14-25, 2021
  • Session 2: July 12-23, 2021


  • The first two camps (two camps in one session or one camp each session) are provided to the student at NO COST. 
  • Campers who desire to participate in 3 or more programs will have an add-on camp cost of $89 per camp. 


  • The Academic Enrichment Camps will be conducted virtually.
  • Access to the internet & an electronic device such as a Chromebook is needed.
  • Camps are now by grade level aligning content & prior knowledge with the most recent completed grade and preparing students for concepts that will be seen in the next grade
  • Camps will meet virtually with an instructor every day for 60 minutes and will run for two full weeks.
  • Students will be engaged in conversation, activities, hands on projects as they learn from their BGSU Academic Camp Instructor and meet their classmates virtually.

Camp Crates 

  • All campers will receive a standard base kit with supplies needed for the duration of the program 
  • Base Camp Supplies Include: AEC Camp T-Shirt, supplies box with writing utensils, BGSU® journal, dry erase board & marker, ruler, graph paper and more.  
  • Depending on which program your camper signed up for they will also receive additional supplies like reading materials, science fair & investigation items, geography & social studies materials or snap cubes and related items needed for math. 

*Some districts will offer the option to extend loaned devices if student is enrolled in the BGSU Academic Enrichment Camp.