BGSU graduate selected for prestigious Fulbright scholarship

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – A recent Bowling Green State University graduate with a passion for supporting English language learners was recently named a Fulbright Scholar, one of the most prestigious academic honors in the U.S.

Bailey Price ’24, who graduated from BGSU with a bachelor’s degree in international studies, will teach English to adolescents and young adults in the Czech Republic during the upcoming academic year — a career path she chose after a formative education abroad experience during her sophomore year.

“Studying abroad was the most rewarding experience I had at BGSU,” said Price, who spent six months at the University of Salzburg in Austria. “It completely changed my life. You become a different person with different perspectives and a new worldview. It’s the reason I applied to be a Fulbright Scholar.”

The experience also prompted the BGSU Honors College graduate to change her major from biochemistry to international studies with a focus on teaching English to non-native speakers.

She immersed herself in her new degree program and spent a summer teaching English at a community college near her hometown of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, which further fueled her passion and provided her with credible experience for the Fulbright application.

“The most rewarding part about teaching English to non-native speakers is seeing them accomplish their goals,” Price said. “These students are there because they want to learn the language. They have this intrinsic motivation, and it’s an honor to play a role in their growth.”

Price researched the history of English language education in the Czech Republic for her honors project, foreshadowing her Fulbright Scholar assignment.

The U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program is the government’s flagship international educational exchange program. Past participants have become Nobel Prize recipients, Pulitzer Prize winners and heads of state or government, according to the Fulbright Scholar Program website.

BGSU Political Science Professor Dr. Shannon Orr worked with Price in various capacities throughout her educational journey. She taught Price in an international studies course, served on her honors project advisory committee and helped review her Fulbright Scholar application.

“Being selected as a Fulbright Scholar is a testament to Bailey’s hard work, commitment and passion for supporting English language learners,” Orr said. “The prestigious honor also reinforces the University’s steadfast commitment to supporting student success and creating public good.”

During her upcoming 10 months in the country, Price, who does not speak Czech, will teach English at two schools: one for students preparing for higher education and a vocational school focused on hospitality management.

Price said few people outside the Czech Republic speak their native language, so learning English is crucial for broadening educational and career opportunities.

In addition to teaching, Fulbright Scholars are encouraged to immerse themselves in the local culture and community to broaden their connection to the country and its people.

“This experience is going to push me outside my comfort zone, but I’m looking forward to it,” Price said. “I’m grateful to BGSU for helping me discover my passion and supporting me through the process of becoming a Fulbright Scholar.”

Updated: 05/15/2024 09:55AM