In Brief: May 7

Health and Human Services closed Monday-Wednesday

The Health and Human Services Building will be closed for construction May 11-13. The building will be without power and only construction workers allowed in.

Classroom update project to begin May 11

Classroom renovations and improvements will begin on May 11 and will extend through the summer, the Office of Design and Construction has announced.

The classroom upgrade project involves: converting nine existing classrooms on the second floor of the Education Building into five active learning classrooms; converting six existing small classrooms in Olscamp Hall into two larger, more flexible classrooms; updating Olscamp Hall common spaces with new ceilings, paint and floor coverings; and refreshing 41 classrooms in the Mathematical Sciences and Business Administration buildings and Eppler Complex with new paint, floor coverings and furniture.

The buildings will be open during renovations but with altered traffic flow. Temporary signage is being positioned to direct students, faculty and administrators through the areas of construction.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:45AM