In Brief: May 11

Lot 11, part of Lot E reserved for Admissions

To accommodate Admissions visitors this summer while Lot A and part of Lot 7 (Bowen-Thompson Union main lot) are closed for infrastructure project construction, two parking areas have been redesignated for Admissions, beginning today (May 11).

Lot 11, the metered lot by Founders Hall off Thurstin Street, is now available exclusively for Admissions except for the three existing handicap spots.

In addition, about 45 spots in Lot E have been designated for Admissions guests. The corner of Lot E bordering the railroad tracks and parallel to Court Street is reserved and signs have been installed. Signs will also be put in place directing visitors to walk to McFall Center.

To view all University parking options, see the parking map.

Lot A, Union main lot to close for summer

A slight change has been announced to plans for the parking lot closures set to begin today (May 11) with the start of the campus infrastructure project. Lot A and Lot 7, the Bowen-Thompson Student Union main lot, are closed for the summer.

The change is that drivers will not be able to reach the portion of the union lot north of the Child Development Center by the Thurstin Street entrance as previously announced. Vehicles will both enter and exit the lot via Ridge Street.

During the project, Lot G next to East Hall will be open, and can be reached via the adjacent east-west drive, which will become two-way. Deliveries to Carillon Dining Center will be maintained.

After Lot A is fenced off today, underground utility piping installation is set to begin during the week, which will include excavation of soil and grinding and removal of underground rock.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:45AM