NLSY79 and Children & Young Adults

Relationship Quality Snapshot

The NLSY79 is a national sample of 12,686 youth (aged 14-22 in 1979) followed annually from 1979-1994 and biennially from 1994-2008. This snapshot provides measures regarding the quality of their romantic relationships beginning in 1988. The NLSY C&YA is a separate survey of all children born to the NLSY79 female respondents. For children ages 10 and older, information has been collected from the children biennially since 1988 through 2008. This "snapshot" provides measures regarding the quality of their parent's (i.e., NLSY79 female respondents) relationships with their biological father and/or step-father. Beginning in 1994, all young adult respondents (children ages 15 and older) were also asked about their own romantic relationships whether they were in a monogamous relationship, cohabiting, or married. There are also specific questions related to individuals in a same-sex cohabiting relationship.

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