• FP-14-06
    Living Arrangements of Fathers and Their Children
  • FP-13-19
    Children's Family Structure, 2013    
  • FP-13-02
    Public Assistance Participation among U.S. Children in Poverty, 2010    
  • FP-13-01
    Coresident vs. Non-Coresident Young Adults, 2011    
  • FP-12-17
    Child Poverty in the United States, 2010    
  • FP-12-16
    Health Insurance Coverage of U.S. Children, 2010
  • FP-12-13
    Nonresident Fathers and Child Support: Exploring Who Pays and How Much
  • FP-12-10
    Mothers and Fathers Exiting the Workforce in 2008
  • FP-12-09
    Fatherhood in the U.S.: The Decoupling of Marriage and Childbearing
  • FP-12-08
    Who are Nonresident Fathers? Demographic Characteristics of Nonresident Fathers
  • FP-12-02
    Nonresident Father Visitation
  • FP-12-01
    On the Road to Adulthood: Young Men's Contact with Criminal Justice System
  • FP-11-11
    On the Road to Adulthood: Sequencing of Family Experiences
  • FP-11-10
    Fatherhood in the U.S.: Number of Children, 1987-2010
  • FP-11-08
    On the Road to Adulthood: Forming Families
  • FP-11-04
    Fatherhood in the U.S.: Men's Age at First Birth, 1987-2008
  • FP-10-08
    Same-Sex Couple Households in the U.S., 2009