Usher Duties

Instructions/Guidelines for MUS 99 Ushers

  • Ushers should report for duty one hour before the event. Check in with the House Manager at the far-left lobby entrance door, when the event is in Kobacker Hall. If the event is in the Wolfe Center, check in with the House Manager in the lobby near the box office.
  • Ushers must dress in white shirts and black or dark pants/skirts.
  • The House Manager will give you assignments, such as ticket taking, program distribution, etc.
  • Ushers must work the entire event, including intermission(s).
  • Ushers should be courteous and friendly to patrons, keep all comments professional, and make a positive impression on audience members.
  • Refer any and all problems to the House Manager, including unauthorized audio/visual recording and photography, unruly or loud patrons or food/drink in the hall.
  • Ushers must report to the House Manager at the conclusion of the performance for final instructions and duties.
  • Your service will be considered concluded only¬†when the House Manager dismisses you.

Updated: 02/22/2018 03:55PM