Student Recital Programs

For your convenience, program templates have been created with this information already setup.

Paper Guidelines

  • Paper should be set to landscape, two columns with a one-inch gutter.
  • Half-inch margins should be set on all outside edges.
  • Set a left-tab or decimal-tab stop at 15pt (just under one-quarter-inch) for movement titles.
  • Set a right-tab stop on the right-hand margin for the composer's name and dates.

Content Guidelines

  • The proper CMA Logo should be obtained.
  • Name should be centered in 18pt, bold, uppercase.
  • Instrument should immediately follow and be centered, 18pt, regular, small-caps.
  • There is a 10pt space followed by the words “assisted by” centered in 10pt italic (not bold)
  • All names of assisting personnel are centered in 10pt regular.
  • A 10pt space occurs between the personnel and the studio teacher line. The line is formatted in 10pt italic, centered. “From the studio of ” precedes the teacher’s name on this line.
  • Another 10pt space follows the studio teacher line. This space is followed by the word PROGRAM in 10pt bold, small-caps. On each side of the word PROGRAM is an endash (To create an endash hit either CTL+ - or OPT+ -).
  • Another 10pt space is between PROGRAM and the pieces.
  • Each piece title is flush left in 10pt bold type. In titles, the words Major and Minor are always capitalized. Each composer is flush right also in 10pt bold.
  • Any movement is one tab over, beneath the program name in 10pt italic.
  • All composer dates are flush right underneath the name. The date is in 9pt regular font.
  • There are 10pt spaces between each piece and around any intermission. The intermission is styled exactly like the word program.
  • After the last piece there is a 10pt space and then the Day, Date and Year centered in 10pt bold. The next line is the time in bold 10pt and then the name of the Hall where the performance takes place. The last line in this block is "Moore Musical Arts Center," if appropriate.
  • Following the date and location is any necessary Degree Statement (see the student handbook for exact wording). This statement is in 10pt regular, centered.
  • The final words appearing on any program within the College must be: “Audience members are reminded to silence alarm watches, pagers, and cellular phones before the performance. As a matter of courtesy and copyright law, no unauthorized recording or photographing is allowed in the hall. The Moore Musical Arts Center is a nonsmoking facility.” This paragraph is centered in 8pt italics.