Full cohort of Hansen Fellows conclude a busy year of projects

Our 2018-2019 Hansen Fellows. Pictured left to right: Gene Waldron, Noah Laabs, Hayley Hoss, Christian Bush, Ling-Na Kao, Steven Naylor, and Gretchen Hill

Update on the activities of our Hansen Fellows:

Hayley Hoss (5th year senior, completing music ed and music performance degrees)
Spring 2019: Commission project completed, Love is Enough, by Eliza Triolo, for vocal ensemble and mezzo-soprano solo. This piece was premiered on Hayley’s senior recital, April 7, 2019.
Fall 2019: Project, Multi-sensory, highly-curated tasting menu: breaking the mold of the traditional recital, to be held at Element 112 restaurant in Sylvania, OH.

Gretchen Hill (senior)
Spring 2019: Commission project begun, work for Clarinet and Violin by Eric Mandat. Premiere will be with Ling-Na Kao, violin.

Ling-Na Kao (senior)
Commission project begun, work for Violin and Piano by Piotr Szewczyk.

Christian Bush (junior)
2018: Took lessons with Gene Pokorny with the Chicago Symphony, and Andreas Hofmeir with the Melbourne Symphony
Summer 2019: lessons with Chris Olka with the Cincinnati Symphony, and Tim Northcutt with the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.

Steven Naylor (junior)
Steven will begin his commission project in 2019-2020.

Gene Waldron (sophomore)
Summer 2019: Chamber Music camp through the Vancouver Symphony and study at the University of British Columbia.

Noah Laabs (sophomore)
Summer 2019: Tuba/Euphonium Seminar, Eastern Music Festival, Greensboro, NC

Krsangi Dove (incoming Freshman)
Oboe, Music Performance from Wheeling, WV

Amanda Withrow (incoming Freshman)
Oboe, Music Performance from Lucky, OH

Updated: 06/14/2019 03:49PM