Submit Your News

Guidelines for submitting items for the Newsfeed on the CMA website:

The purpose of the CMA Newsfeed is to post faculty, staff, alumni and student accomplishments. Include your papers, grants, awards, presentations and concerts for use in the CMA website Newsfeed. Tell us what, when, where and with whom. Use full bibliographic citations for all publications. Concerts and presentations should include information on location, organization and date. Please provide album title, date and label of all recordings. Information on awards and grants should include date, title, and a brief description of the nature of the award or grant.

We are happy to include photos and/or links to items of related interest.  Student items can only be submitted by a faculty member.

Please send your information the following way:

Items will typically be posted as received. The submitter of the news item is responsible for its content. The PE Office, in consultation with the PE Committee, will be responsible for using appropriate discretion in posting news items.


Updated: 11/29/2021 11:53AM