BGSU Alums to Appear on Recording


Three BGSU Electroacoustics/Composition alums have been selected for inclusion on the SEAMUS Interactions Series 2016 recording. The Society for ElectroAcoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) publishes a digital download release annually, with pieces chosen competitively by jury. The three pieces were created at BGSU, and two of the recordings will feature BGSU performance alums.

Brian Sears (MM 2016) - “Live in the Moment, Live in the Breath” for trumpet and electronics
Jason Charney (MM 2015) - “Scrap Metals” for soprano saxophone and computer (performer, Justin Massey, BGSU saxophone alum)
Carter Rice (MM 2013) - “Let Me See Your Face” for flute and electronics (performer, Colleen O’Shea Jones, BGSU flute alum)

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:14PM