Slate Resources & Training

This web site is a resource for BGSU Graduate faculty and staff who use the Slate Graduate Admissions system. To access Slate go to and login with your BGSU ID and password. Use the Chrome, FireFox or Safari browser (do not use Internet Explorer).

The Slate User Manual can be access by graduate faculty and staff on SharePoint under Graduate Admissions section of the Graduate Coordinator and Advisor Resources. Click here for instructions on How to Access SharePoint.

BGSU Graduate Admissions staff, faculty, and other authorized users are provided Slate Graduate Admissions system access and training monthly during fall and spring semesters and upon request (see Slate Training tab). Access may be granted at several levels: Dept Admin Asst, Faculty Reviewer, Program Coordinator, and User.  To gain access rights, please have your program coordinator or supervisor email  

Useful Links for Graduate Admissions:

Application - Click this link to directly to go the page to create or return to an existing graduate application.

Web Site - The Graduate College admission web site address is Scroll and click Graduate Admissions Information and click Apply Now or Return to Existing Application button.

Deadlines - use this link to access program and semester deadlines for graduate applications

Inquiry Form - Prospects may go to to submit a Graduate program inquiry. Departments also enter prospects contact information when contacted directly by an inquirer. Enter today's date as the DOB if needed and checkmark BGSU Staff if you do not want the program coordinator follow-up email to be sent.