Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID)

The FSA ID is the username and password for which students, parents, and borrowers use to log into the FAFSA and to authenticate their identity to access their federal student aid information.

  • FSA is adopting the best practice of using a username and password instead of personal information.
  • The FSA ID:
    • Requires users to enter less information (2 fields instead of 4)
    • Provides more secure access to user's information
    • Allows users to update personal information such as last name changes without applying for a new FSA ID (Lifetime ID)
  • When you first create your FSA ID, you will only be able to use it to complete, sign, and submit an original (first-time) FAFSA form. You will have to wait one to three days for your information to be confirmed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) before you can use your FSA ID. You will receive an email letting you know that your information was successfully matched with the SSA and you can use your FSA ID for all of its purposes.

Updated: 10/03/2023 09:55AM