Economics Advisory Board

The Economics Advisory Board is comprised of successful alumni and friends of the Department of Economics. The Board draws upon their professional expertise to advise the Dean, Department Chair, and faculty on strategic planning, curricula, student mentorship, co-ops, job placement, career development, faculty engagement with industry, and alumni affairs. In addition, the Board promotes the Department by highlighting the achievements of faculty, students, and alumni in their professional network. The Board meets once or twice per year. Members are expected to attend meetings and be available to advise the Chair between meeting(s).

Members are selected by the Dean and Department Chair. Prospective members should send a resume and statement of interest to the Department Chair. See the highly successful business leaders who have already made the commitment to serve on the Economics Advisory Board.


Catherine Stange Adams

Position: Procurement Manager
American Eagle Outfitters
Pittsburg, PA


Patric Fransko

Position: Founder & CEO, Eye Magnet Management Marketing Agency
Newport Beach, CA

Patric Fransko


Founder / CEO of EYE Magnet Management

Previous Positions

After nearly 20 years employed in corporate positions from territory manager, sales and marketing manager, COO and CMO, I decided to leave to start my own company helping small to medium size businesses with their digital marketing needs. We are now 2.5 years old and the business is doing great. We really enjoy helping businesses that do not have the time to dedicate to marketing but also do not have the budget for a full time marketer. We provide them World class marketing within a budget they can afford and help them grow their businesses. 

As far as family, I am married with two children and we live in Newport Beach, California.


Bachelor of Science, Economics (1996), Bowling Green State University

Why I Serve on the Economics Advisory Board

I primarily serve on the Board as I feel my Economics degree has served me very well and I believe it is a great undergraduate degree that can benefit people in many directions their career might take them. As a result, I would like to see this degree program flourish and see other graduates benefit from this course of education in the same way I have. 




William Manson

Position: Deputy General Counsel
The Lubrizol Corp.
Cleveland, OH

William Manson


Bill Manson is Deputy General Counsel of The Lubrizol Corporation and the leader of the International Affairs Section in Legal. Since joining Lubrizol in 1995, Bill has provided legal advice in a wide range of matters from questions regarding contracts and product distribution to the resolution of complex commercial and patent disputes. He is active in providing guidance on export law and competition law questions.

Previous Positions:

1978- 1982      Faculty Member, Department of Economics, The Ohio State University

1982-1985       Olin Fellow, Center for Law and Economics, Emory University

1985-1995       Private practice with the law firm of Jones Day Reavis & Pogue, member of the litigation section. 


Bachelor of Arts, Economics (1974), Bowling Green State University

Master of Arts, Economics (1975), Bowling Green State University

Ph.D., Economics (1980) Virginia Tech

JD, (1985) Emory University School of Law




Magen McClintock

Position: Senior Procurement Analyst
Columbia Station, OH


James Pesek

Position: Dean Emeritus
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
College of Business


Daniel Saros

Position: Associate Professor
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, IN

Daniel Saros


Associate Professor of Economics and the Chair of the Department of Economics at Valparaiso University

Short Bio:

Daniel E. Saros is currently an Associate Professor of Economics and the Chair of the Department of Economics at Valparaiso University, where he has been a member of the faculty since 2004. His teaching interests include money and banking and the history of economic thought. His primary research specializations include schools of economic thought and methodology, economic education, and economic history. 


Bachelor of Science, Economics (1999) Bowling Green State University

Master of Arts, Economics (2001) University of Notre Dame

Ph.D., Economics (2004) University of Notre Dame

Why I Serve on the Economics Advisory Board

I serve on the Board of Advocates for the Department of Economics at BGSU because it allows me to give something back to the university where I learned so much and which set me on my current career path. It has also given me the opportunity to learn about and recommend strategies for improvement in many different areas, including student recruitment and retention, curriculum design, and events planning.



Kai-Chi Yang

Position: Investment Banker
Huntington National Bank
Reynoldsburg, OH