Andrea L. Schneider, M.A.


Andrea L. Schneider, M.A.

Position: Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: (419) 372-9678
Address: 339 Maurer Center


I received my Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Miami University and my Master of Arts in Economics from Bowling Green State University, and I have been teaching introductory level Economics courses for business and non-business students at Bowling Green State University since August of 2000.  My goals in the classroom are to teach students basic economic concepts; to help students develop different, and arguably better ways of thinking; and to interest my students in economics so that they take the time to develop their own opinions as to the many important issues facing us today and, in the process, become better-informed citizens of this country.   To accomplish these goals, I incorporate many non-traditional teaching methodologies into the classroom – classroom experiments, the use of music and videos, in-class group projects, and the inclusion of values in classroom discussions.  In appreciation of these efforts, I have been awarded the Undergraduate Student Government Faculty Excellence Award and the Schmidthorst College of Business Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Award.

Course Course No. Time Day Room
ECON 2000 11:30 AM TTh BAA 1007
ECON 2020 02:30 PM TTh BAA 1007