Schmidthorst College of Business Continues to Grow – Meet our New Faculty and Staff


Ms. Cindy Baber joined the Schmidthorst College of Business as the administrative assistant serving the Finance Department. She brings a wealth of experience to this new full-time role in the college, providing critical support to both the department and the Insurance and Risk Management Institute.


David Dewey returned this fall as an assistant teaching professor teaching marketing, sales and business ethics courses. He worked in elevator and escalator sales and marketing management for 12 years before his move to the healthcare industry.

Dewey brings over 23 years of experience with St. Luke’s Hospital into the classroom, including 11 years as director of marketing, six years as vice president of information and marketing services, and five years as the vice president of business development at St. Luke’s Hospital. Dewey also led the development of WellCare Physicians Group and served as its president for six years.


Dr. Truit Gray joined us this fall as an assistant professor of management after completing his Ph.D. in management at Oklahoma State University. His research interests include social status at work, teams, leadership, employee emotions and research methods. He also enjoys teaching courses related to organizational behavior, human resources and research methods. Prior to transitioning to academia, he worked as a purchasing analyst in Henkel Corporation’s North American headquarters.


Dr. Christian Imboden joined our Economics Department as an assistant teaching professor. His primary interests in economics are public finance and labor economics. Prior to economics, he pursued careers in music and accounting.  He just completed a three-year stint as a visiting assistant professor at Georgia State University.  Imboden is an avid guitarist and composer. 


This summer, Crissy Merrill joined Schmidthorst College of Business as an administrative assistant supporting the Applied Statistics and Operations Research Department. She brings a wealth of industry-based experience to the role as she works to help enhance the support available to the faculty and students of the department.


Dr. Fei (Sophie) Song joins the college from Oakland University. She earned her Ph.D. in supply chain management from Iowa State University. Prior to being a doctoral student, she was in Shanghai, China, working in different positions in supply chain management in different industries. Inspired by her six-year industry work experience, she is interested in research areas such as sustainable supply chain management and buyer-supplier relationships. She is excited to join the Schmidthorst College of Business because of her eagerness to meet the fantastic colleagues and amazing students in the college.


Gabrielle Stahl joined the Schmidthorst College of Business as the administrative assistant. She brings her previous experience at the University of Toledo and her multi-tasking skills to support the dynamic Management Department, including the Supply Chain Management Institute.


Dr. Fuzhao (Angela) Zhou, CPA, joined this fall as an assistant professor of accounting. Her research interests are in financial reporting and accounting regulations. Her research examines whether whistleblowing on a firm impacts how industry peers report their discretionary accruals. This peer deterrence effect is shown to be stronger when the whistleblowing allegation is against a large firm, when peer firms share common board directors with the whistleblowing allegation firm, and when peer firms have a high probability of engaging in financial fraud. 

Updated: 02/23/2023 03:11PM