Schmidthorst College of Business Outstanding Faculty Recognized at Insiders’ Luncheon

The Leadership Council, an advisory board comprised of prominent alumni and friends, recently hosted the Insiders’ Luncheon to present the Leadership Council Faculty Excellence Awards to recognize three outstanding faculty members in the Schmidthorst College of Business. The Leadership Council presented Faculty Excellence Awards in teaching, research, and co-curricular activities with positive societal change. Each recipient received a plaque and an award of $5,000.

Steven KoppitschFaculty Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Positive Societal Impact
Dr. Steve Koppitsch, associate teaching professor of marketing exemplifies significant positive social impact through his class projects with The Toledo Alliance for the Performing Arts and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In the classroom, Dr. Koppitsch allows his students to apply their classroom learning to address societal challenges.

amanda cook

Faculty Excellence in Intellectual Contributions with Positive Societal Impact Award
Dr. Amanda Cook's research in health economics and econometrics demonstrates a substantial portfolio of work with positive societal impact. Her peer-reviewed journal articles during the last three years have addressed risky sexual behavior among fraternities and sororities, infant mortality under the Affordable Care Act, health care utilization among the uninsured, the impact of marijuana decriminalization on fatal traffic crashes, and the impact of Medicare payment restructuring on hospital incentives.

amelia carr

Faculty Excellence in Co-curricular Activities with Positive Societal Impact Award 
Dr. Amelia Carr is a supply chain management professor who brings to the classroom more than 25 years of academic teaching, research and administrative experience. She previously worked in private industry where she gained experience in the areas of quality management, project management, scheduling, operations and production planning. Carr exhibits an impressive portfolio of engagement with industry in the supply chain field. She improves business processes, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion within industry through plant tours, networking with executives and research studies.

The Schmidthorst College of Business is honored to have Dr. Steve Koppitsch, Dr. Amanda Cook and Dr. Amelia Carr teaching our students.

Updated: 05/23/2022 03:35PM