Dean's Co-curricular Series Fills Education Gaps With Industry-Recognized Certifications

Technological change continues to increase along with the need for students to enhance their university education with application-specific skills. The dean's co-curricular series aims to support students in navigating the many industry-based digital badge and certification options through a fun and engaging atmosphere. Each month, the series will explore digital badges and certifications related to a common theme as a small cohort of students. Themes will include Lean Six Sigma, Microsoft Excel, cybersecurity, ethical leadership, Salesforce and Tableau. Each digital badge or certification will be led by an expert in that area and sponsored by the Schmidthorst College of Business to ensure access for all students. By enhancing their skills through these digital certifications, students will be able to demonstrate to employers both their drive for lifelong learning, as well as technical expertise on these platforms. This program will complement the experiential learning and digital badges already integrated into the curriculum, further ensuring our graduates are prepared to be leaders in their future careers.

Updated: 08/11/2022 03:35PM