In Remembrance of Paige Redlin: A Tribute to an Empowered Young Woman

Written by Madison Bannister, Schmidthorst College Communications Intern

Paige Redlin

Paige Redlin is a name that’s reached far and wide at Bowling Green State University. Maybe you’ve seen it in your email inbox with her prompting you to join Women in Business Leadership (WBL). Or perhaps you saw it on her Schmidthorst College of Business Student Ambassador nametag at an SCoB event, helping out and offering a friendly smile. You could’ve even seen her name on the list of speakers at the 2019 Women in Leadership Conference. Maybe she was just a name you knew because you sat next to her in an MBA class and admired her work ethic and passion for what she does.

No matter how you might’ve crossed paths with Paige, it didn’t come without being impressed by her motivated presence and go-getter attitude. That’s how Paige will be remembered – someone who didn’t leave things up for chance. Hard work was something Paige was no stranger to, and that can be seen with the powerful legacy she left behind.

Paige Redlin was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on March 30th, 2021. This diagnosis came as a shock to everyone, but it was a challenge that Paige took with grace and a determined attitude. For almost 3 months, she fought hard with the kind of heart we all wish to have when faced with such adversity. However, after a hard-fought battle, on June 18th, 2021 Paige passed away.

Yet Paige is not gone from our lives. She is still seen in so many parts of both the Schmidthorst College and BGSU as a whole, she’s still felt in the hearts of all those she touched during her time here. That’s the thing about Paige, you didn’t have an encounter with her without impact, the kind that makes you look in the mirror and want to do better and chase your dreams.

Brianna Collins, a junior at BGSU and fellow Student Ambassador and member of WBL, shares her experience with Paige. “She was the first powerful female role model I had as a freshman,” said Collins. “Her love of life and desire for greatness is something you can’t look away from. She was such an inspiration to me and all the other young women here.”

Paige had a passion for inspiring and helping young women. She found her home in the organization WBL. Over the years, Paige grew it from 20 members to over 140 members. She served as VP of Recruitment and Engagement, President, and then Chair of Special Events. If there was one thing Paige was passionate about, it was equity in the workforce and letting every girl out there know that she is capable of anything she can set her mind to. Paige was the perfect example of this, her slogan and motto being “Girl Power.”

“Paige was undeniably one of the most impressive and passionate young women I’ve ever met,” said Ellie Barnett, current President of WBL. “When I joined WBL, I had no idea how big of an impact Paige would make on myself or my peers. This organization owes everything to Paige for putting so much hard work into seeing it succeed.”

Barbara Stahl, WBL’s advisor, worked closely with Paige. “While all WBL officers have played important roles, Paige was especially instrumental in fueling WBL’s growth as a respected, purposeful, and relevant student organization, culminating in being honored as the campus-wide 2021 Student Organization of the Year this spring. That didn’t happen overnight, and Paige led the way,” said Stahl.

Along with WBL, Paige was also dedicated to the Schmidthorst Student Ambassadors. Here, she helped at countless SCoB events, mentored younger members, and bonded with other Ambassadors. Gabe Sayer, a senior at BGSU and Student Ambassador, reflects on his time with Paige.

“Paige defined what it means to be a good human. Although she lived her life to the fullest and was constantly achieving amazing things, Paige still made time for others. She was selfless and supportive, even when it wasn’t convenient for her,” said Sayer. “Paige was a dear friend, always encouraging me to try new things and pursue my aspirations. Her impact on me, BGSU, and beyond will be forever-lasting. Paige inspires me every day to be my best, and she will always have a place in my heart.”

In the Spring of 2021, Paige put together the first ever Young Women in Leadership Conference, named Ready or Not: The Next Generation of Women Leaders. Over 135 college students from every college on campus attended this inaugural conference and Paige helped to raise over $5,000 in scholarships to give to empowered young women who attended.

“Paige’s hard work for the conference was undeniable,” said Ray Braun, Dean of the Schmidthorst College of Business. “Whatever Paige did, she put her whole heart into. This conference was something she wanted to do for many years and like everything she wanted, Paige accomplished it.”

There’s no doubt that Paige’s hard work and determined spirit will be seen all over campus for years and years to come. But so will her kindness, selflessness, and willingness to help anyone from any walk of life. Her impact has stretched so far and wide that it can’t be captured in just one article, one photo, or one memory. Paige has touched so many, has inspired and encouraged countless people that her legacy won’t live on just at BGSU. It will travel with all the lives she’s changed. It will be passed down to our daughters when we remind them of “girl power.” It will be something we think of and smile, because that’s all you can do when remembering such a beautiful life lived.

Paige Redlin's Graduation Photo

Updated: 09/01/2021 08:09AM