The New Cohort for the Schmidthorst Student Ambassadors Successfully Completes Their Preparation Class


The 2020 Cohort of Schmidthorst Student Ambassadors wrapped up their 7-week course on March 8th with an Alumni Networking event. They presented in front of distinguished alumni and friends using the skills they learned in the Student Ambassador class.

Congratulations to the new Student Ambassador Cohort:

  • Brianna Collins
  • Ryan Rump
  • Emily Zawodny
  • Scott Gronow
  • Mitchell Cash
  • Dondreya Hendricks
  • Carley Martin
  • Jayden Donald
  • Jake Stucker
  • Morgan Reece
  • Chloe Rogowski
  • Lillie Swinehart
  • Sydney Flora

A special thanks to all the alumni and friends in attendance:

  • Theresa Braun
  • Judith Conda
  • Zachary Durilat
  • Jessica Glenn
  • Allen Green
  • Mike Hart
  • Paul J. Hooker
  • Kelsey Music
  • John Prout
  • Ron Ranallo

Additional thanks to the current Student Ambassadors who helped at the event:

  • Gabe Sayer
  • Brooke Schlatter
  • Sean O’Donnell
  • Kelsey Sager
  • Alissa Nevison
  • Nichole Cox


Updated: 03/15/2021 09:25AM