Marketing in Latin America Course Takes Students to Panama for Experiential Learning

panama logisticsWritten by Bailey Smith, Communications Intern

Students enrolled in a new Marketing in Latin America (MKT 4910) course immersed themselves into the Latin American culture by traveling to Panama. The course was initiated and taught by Professor Emeritus Linda Ueltschy, retired from BGSU’s international business program. Students learned about marketing in Latin America through class lectures, cases, discussions, and speakers, culminating with a six-day trip to Panama at the end of November.

The retired professor felt it is imperative for business professionals operating in the global arena to have keen knowledge of economics, cultures, political systems and marketing, with a focus on the emerging market of Panama and the Panama Canal.

"The trip was incredible and so educational for all! This year the course will focus on Peru and include a trip to Machu Pichu,” explains Ueltschy.

On their trip to Panama, students cruised through the Panama Canal to learn of its history and importance to global trade. They traveled to the Manzanillo International Terminal and saw the big ships and containers being loaded electronically, along with a visit to the Colon Free Trade Zone which is second in size only to Hong Kong. The group wore hard hats to tour the Logistics Services warehouse and learned more about the company from presenters. Other company visits included Proctor & Gamble, Global Bank, Dorado Brewery and Beiring Motors.

The students praise the impactful education from their up-close look of Panama. Stephanie Cotrone states, “Studying abroad really allowed me to step out of my comfort zone to see what life is like outside of my typical day to day activities. The interactions I had with both my peers and the people I met down in Panama were really impactful for me because I learned new perspectives and how business is impacted by the Panama Canal.”

Morgan Day also felt the trip was beneficial. “We visited everything from logistics centers to ASW which is the distributor of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein to all of Latin America. Overall, I feel like I learned a lot from this experience and gained knowledge about a wide range of new and exciting topics.

To learn more about the students’ Panama experiences, visit their blogs and watch videos.

Stephanie Cotrone

Morgan Day

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Updated: 04/01/2020 04:04PM