College of Business to Welcome New Associate Dean Dr. Janet Hartley

Written by Bailey Smith, College of Business Communications Intern

Jan HartleyBeginning July 1, the College of Business will welcome Dr. Janet Hartley, the new associate dean of graduate programs, faculty affairs, budgeting and research. She is replacing Dr. Arthur Yeh, who is returning as faculty to the Applied Statistics and Operations Research (ASOR) Department.

Hartley presents an abundance of administrative knowledge and expertise for this position given her experience as a former chair of the Department of Management, former director of the Supply Chain Management Institute, and current executive leadership in professional organizations including president of the Decision Sciences Institute. She has demonstrated her ability to work collaboratively to accomplish strategic goals. As a research active faculty member, she has 37 refereed journal articles and understands the challenges that faculty face during the research process. She will be a very valuable resource to the faculty as a mentor and guide in their pursuit of research.

Arthur Yeh200x250While serving as the associate dean, Yeh led numerous successful initiatives for the college. Most notably, he formed the Committee for Advancement of Research Profile (CARP), which was created to promote, assess and recognize faculty achievement in research. CARP established an externally validated publications list ranking for the college, which served as the foundation for the research incentive program. Yeh also established the online MBA program, now one of the largest master’s programs at BGSU.

“The College of Business thanks Dr. Yeh for his excellent service, the initiatives he started, and for advancing the mission of our college,” Dean Ray Braun said. “We also look forward to having Dr. Hartley on our team in the Dean’s Office.”

Updated: 06/16/2020 11:21AM