Business Student Gabriel Sayer Places Sixth In Worldwide Capsim Challenge

James Zeigler, Brian Rohrs, Gabriel SayerPictured from left to right: Professor James Zeigler, Professor Brian Rohrs, Gabriel Sayer

Written by Bailey Smith, Communications Intern

Good decision making is critical in the business world. The College of Business prepares students for career readiness through the Foundation Business Simulation, also known as Capsim.

The Capsim Challenge replicates a real-life business scenario to assess participants’ skills and abilities through running million-dollar companies. Students develop the skills most critical to career success utilizing business intelligence that is behind today’s successful companies.  

Gabriel Sayer, studying accounting and business analytics, captured sixth place in the international business simulation competition, beating a strong field of international contenders including India, Turkey, Poland, Malaysia and the United States. In addition to his impressive accomplishment, Sayer finished the qualifying rounds in the 94th percentile. He earned one of the highest Balance Scorecard scores ever at BGSU. Gabe first experienced the Foundation Business Simulation in Professor James Zeigler’s managerial accounting course.

Gabe’s goal is to work as a corporate analyst or accountant upon graduation. “My Capsim experience has given me insight into upper-level business processes preparing me for this career goal,” Gabe said.

“The Foundation simulations have mostly taught me not only how to make important business decisions, but more importantly the implications and consequences of these decisions.

“What I enjoyed most about my simulation experience is the ability to represent my university and its outstanding business program on a global scale.”

BGSU continues to have the most Challenge finalists of any participating university worldwide. This demonstrates the high caliber of our business program preparing students for career readiness and strategic decision making. 

Approximately 600 undergraduate students experience Capsim Business Simulation each year at BGSU, according to James Zeigler, professor in the Accounting and IS department. 

“Gabe did a great job representing BGSU in this global competition. He applied concepts learned in the classroom to a competitive, real-world decision-making environment. This demonstrated his problem-solving abilities and an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of business. Simulation offers a rich, dynamic experience not found in any textbook. Managing their own companies, students confirm how all elements of business must work in tandem in order to be successful”. 

Capsim Foundation pedagogy is used by Zeigler, and fellow colleague Professor Brian Rohrs, in their sophomore managerial accounting courses. Together, Rohrs and Zeigler continue to promote a student environment of engagement, teamwork and communication-skills development. 

Updated: 05/20/2020 01:45PM