A BGSU alumnus works to keep the community clean with Hatch invention


Written by Madi Bannister, Schmidthorst College Communications Intern

Brandon Bayes, a Bowling Green High School alumnus and 2020 graduate from the Schmidthorst College of Business, received funding to develop his trash management products, Can-Stand™ and Waste Weight™. Both products prevent trash cans and recycling bins from tipping over, helping to keep local communities clean.

Bayes has already begun testing his products in the Bowling Green community with ten prototypes. Kirk D. Kern, director of the Paul J. Hooker Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, has overseen Bayes’ progress after The Hatch. “Bayes installed Can-Stand™ and Waste Weight™ at both my house and my neighbors’,” says Kern. “He’s been working really hard on his prototypes and I know he’d love to get more out in the local community for customer feedback.”

When deciding which product to create, Bayes said his main focus was keeping the environment clean. Bowling Green, as college town with many trash cans, may benefit greatly from Bayes’ duo of products. “There is a large amount of potential with this product and I’m very excited to see where the future takes me,” said Bayes. “I’m hoping that my products will decrease the amount of litter that enters our communities and provide a better environment for our future.”

Bayes predicts that there will be two or three more months for local field testing and another three to five months for the product to be sold to municipalities, can manufacturers, and homeowners. However, you can look for Bayes’ Can-Stand™ and Waste Weight™ throughout Bowling Green neighborhoods.

The Schmidthorst College of Business wishes Bayes the best luck in his future business endeavors and looks forward to seeing his products make a lasting impact in our area.

Updated: 01/21/2022 12:09PM