2020 Hatchling prepares to launch her product during the pandemic


Written by Madi Bannister, Schmidthorst College Communications Intern

Marissa Brubaker, a 2020 MBA alumna from the Schmidthorst College of Business and BGHS graduate, is persevering with launching her Hatch idea, Forever Evolving sports bras. Her product, a revolutionary high impact sports bra, is designed for women with larger breasts to help them feel comfortable and confident while exercising.

Forever Evolving has been preparing for launch during COVID-19. “I'm currently focusing all of my attention on nailing the foundation of the design, including the innovative support band,” said Brubaker. “There’s been so much help from my partners and my manufacturer getting the company established, sourcing materials, and verifying different parts of the design.”

Brubaker is working hard to develop and advance Forever Evolving even with the pandemic putting unexpected obstacles in her way. “One thing I've learned is that patience is a virtue - things always take longer than planned and as an entrepreneur you have to learn to be okay with that, pivot, and use your time wisely with what you can in that moment,” said Brubaker.

Mariana Mitova, Brubaker’s mentor, has been alongside her throughout this whole process. “Marissa has been working tirelessly to see her product designed and developed,” said Mitova. “She is in constant contact with the vendor and currently working on developing the second round of prototypes.” Brubaker hopes to have all prototypes finalized by early 2021.

The Schmidthorst College of Business congratulates Brubaker on her progress and perseverance with Forever Evolving and is looking forward to seeing her product on the market someday.  

Updated: 01/21/2022 12:09PM