College Helps Organize Business Analytics Symposium in China; Educational Program Created

BGSU’s business analytics program is being recognized internationally as a U.S. leader in this data driven field of study because of its annual business analytics symposium and the specialization the College of Business offers.  Tianjin Polytechnic University (TPU) in China asked BGSU professor and chair of the Department of Applied Statistics and Operations Research, Dr. Arthur Yeh, to assist that university in organizing a business analytics symposium similar to ours as well as present as a speaker.

After months of planning, approximately 150 students, professors, staff, and guests attended the TPU business analytics symposium which was held in late May. The keynote presentation was delivered by Mr. Greg Whalen, Director of Data Science, Pivotal, Asia Pacific and Japan, who talked about data science opportunities in Asia and Pacific regions.

Another speaker was Professor Guoqing Chen, professor of the School of Management at Tsinghua University and the Director of Management Science and Engineering at the Chinese Ministry of Education. Professor Chen spoke about big data analytics and its current status in China.

Dr. Yeh delivered a presentation on the current status of analytics programs in higher education in Western countries, especially in the U.S. Mr. Whalen, Professor Chen, and Dr. Yeh also participated in a panel discussion.

Besides collaborating on a symposium, a new 3 + 1 educational program has been signed between BGSU and TPU which starts in the fall. Dr. Yeh and Dean of the College of Business at BGSU, Raymond Braun, met with administrators, faculty, and students involved in the new BGSU-TPU 3+1 program after the symposium.

Dr. Yeh commented about the importance of working with TPU on this symposium.  “This is really strengthening our collaborations with TPU on top of the 3+1 agreement the College has signed with that university. In addition, it gives the College and BGSU extra exposure in China, especially in the area of business analytics, a subject matter that is still very new in China.”

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM