Summer Faculty Research Awards Announced

The College of Business sees how critical it is for faculty to conduct scholarly research, so each year the College, along with the Supply Chain Management Institute, financially supports projects through Summer Research Awards.  Members of the College’s Faculty Achievement Committee and Dean Raymond Braun are pleased to announce the following 2015 award winners and their research project titles:

Research awards supported by the College of Business:

  • Dr. Sung Bae, Finance Department:  "Management of Foreign Exchange Rate Exposure with Hedging Activities: New Approach and Evidence"

  • Dr. Doug Ewing, Marketing Department:  "Self-Congruency  is No Panacea: An Identity Theory Perspective on Branding Outcomes"

  • Dr. Dwayne Gremler and Dr. Jeff Meyer, Marketing Department:  "Examining the Effect of Service Recovery Strategies on Social Media Buzz and Financial Performance"

  • Dr. Sebastian Roelands, Economics Department: "Asymmetric  Pass-Through into Bank Loan Rates: The Role of Bank Regulation"

  • Dr. Chris Rump, Applied Statistics and Operations Research Department:  "Complementary  Facility Location Models"

  • Dr. Sherry Sullivan, Management Department:  "An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between Social Skills, Networking Behavior, and Job Outcomes"

Research awards supported by the Supply Chain Management Institute:

  • Ms. Karen Eboch and Dr. Janet Hartley, Management Department: "Supplier Engagement:   Improving Sustainability in the Athletic Footwear Industry"


Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM