Students Demonstrate Prowess in “Spirited” Business Olympics


To earn the coveted “Golden Tie” award and a prize, 20 teams of business students competed in the 3rd annual Business Olympics.

Games were related to business fields and included the following: Simple Math, Logo Quiz, What’s the Ticker, Sell Me This, Currency by Country, Easter-egg Logistics, and Taboo-Effective Communication. The team with the highest number of points earned not only the “Golden Tie,” but also a choice from the first tier of CBA Rewards Points prizes. The second and third place teams also were awarded prizes.

The top 3 teams were:

#1 Delta Sigma Pi

  •    Kasey Dellapenna
  •    Cassie Leffel
  •    Josh Rivera
  •    Jennifer Poling 

#2 The Dream Team

  •    Chelsea Burbridge 
  •    Jesus Luevano
  •    Scott Munch
  •    Brooke Barnes

#3 Risky Business

  •     Kyleen Lynn
  •     Thayer Daniels
  •     Bridgette Maillie
  •     Jennifer Mosholder
  •     Katie Staubus 

This event is organized by the College of Business Student Ambassadors and the meal is provided by the Dean’s Office.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM