Experts Advise How to Be a “Disruptive Force in Business” and Create Change

With the largest audience since its inception twelve years ago, the Sebo Series in Entrepreneurship featured experts who presented their insights on how to challenge the status quo and be a disrupter that results in changing the way business is done.

The keynote speaker was the founder of, Jeffery Taylor, who gave a highly energetic and engaging presentation called “Be a Disruptive Force: How You Can Change the Rules of Your Industry.” He said his desire most of his life was to be an entrepreneur.  As an expert in technology, advertising, and human capital, Taylor came up with a “monster idea” that changed the way we look for employment and resulted in knowing millions of people through the Internet at the start of the era. Today is the world’s leading online career site serving nearly 30 million visitors monthly.

Taylor advised the audience to be a good storyteller and that will result in being a good entrepreneur, a good leader, and a disrupter. He presented a series of humorous stories that gave insight into being a disrupter. Taylor gave tips to the audience.

  • Be the CEO of your own life; show up and be responsible for your life.
  • Adopt the acronym – FAME.
  1. Think like a Free agent and do things differently.
  2. Be dedicated to your ideas; focus like an Athlete.
  3. Prepare like a Marketer.
  4. Engage like an Entrepreneur; update your skills and “let your amazing out.”
  • Give yourself permission to do things differently.
  • Motivate yourself to “go for it” and take risks.
  • Do things that encourage you to dream and pay attention to your dreams.

In addition to Taylor, there were three other featured presenters.

  • Matt Hlavin,  rapid prototype and manufacturing rp+m  - Topic: 3-D printing
  • Joe McAleese ’81, ‘82, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC – Topic: sensory technology in vehicles
  • Lou Terse ‘68, Partners LLC – Topic: drones

The Sebo Series has been sponsored since its inception by J. Robert Sebo ’58, ’13 (Hon.), senior vice president, Paychex Inc. (retired) and is hosted by the Dallas-Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM