College Loses Retired Economics Professor

The College lost a retired faculty member and former chair of the economics department last month. J. David Reed, professor of economics, taught at BGSU for 37 years and served as chair for 8 years. He was hired in 1968 and appointed a full professor of economics in 1978. Dr. Reed retired from the University in 2005. During his tenure at BGSU, he traveled overseas where he helped to establish the environmental economic policy in Estonia.

Current chair of the economics department, Dr. Mary Ellen Benedict, describes her respect for Dr. Reed. “Dave was chair of the economics department when I first came to BGSU.  He was a wonderful supervisor and colleague and was one of the reasons I chose BGSU after graduate school.  I had great respect for Dave because he was smart, funny, and fair.”

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM