President at Nationwide’s Property and Casualty Division is 1986 BGSU Grad

Graduates from Bowling Green State University’s business program continue to go beyond business as usual and successfully lead highly notable companies. Their keen business expertise and strong leadership abilities have led to promotions to executive roles. Amy Shore is one of those BGSU graduates with nearly three decades of senior leadership experience and was recently promoted to president of Nationwide Insurance Property and Casualty Distribution – Exclusive.

Prior to her most recent role as senior vice president of Exclusive Field Operations at Nationwide, she served in various senior level positions, including vice president of Operations Services, regional vice president of Ohio/West Virginia, vice president of Specialty Products, and a variety of leadership roles in sales, underwriting, product/pricing, and customer service.

Shore states the key skillset needed to successfully lead in today’s business world is adaptability. “The ability to adapt to changing internal and external conditions will distinguish top performers from others.”     

The 1986 BGSU alumnae was also named one of Ohio’s Most Powerful and Influential Women in 2011 by the Ohio Diversity Council. Shore presented her business insights as a keynote speaker and a panel moderator for the BGSU College of Business Women in Leadership event in 2013 and 2014.

She offers advice to other women who want to lead organizations. “First, make your aspirations and intentions known.  Obviously, you have to back those up by delivering results to demonstrate you are capable.  Second, be intentional about building a strong network inside your company and across your industry. Sometimes opportunities come from unexpected places. As you build a strong network, you increase your pathways to opportunities.”

When asked how the College of Business Administration prepared her for a successful career, Shore responded, “The CBA provided me with a great foundation of knowledge across business functions like finance, statistics, and operations.  Also, thanks to professors like Dr. Chan Hahn, I learned critical thinking skills and how to approach problem solving.”

Shore is a strong supporter of numerous community organizations and of BGSU. She calls upon fellow alumni to support the College and its students. “I had a terrific all-around experience at BGSU and continue to support the University and the CBA to keep that opportunity going strong for today's students.  It is incumbent upon successful alums to help keep the brand of BGSU strong.”

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM