Lorain County Community College Equivalency Guide Fall 2024

Bowling Green State University Transfer Equivalency Guide for Fall 2024

BG Perspective Equivalencies (General Education)

All students must meet BGSU’s university, general education, college, and program specific degree requirements effective at the time the student enters the program. All candidates for a baccalaureate degree at BGSU must take at least 36 credit hours from the BG Perspective curriculum, distributed as follows:

  • At least one course in the English Composition and Oral Communication domain
  • At least one course in Quantitative Literacy
  • At least two courses in each of the following three domains: Humanities and the Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Natural Sciences
  • At least one International Perspective* course and one Cultural Diversity in the United States** course
  • Additional courses from any of the five domains listed above to reach a minimum of 36 credit hours.
English Composition and Oral Communication All students must complete the equivalent of WRIT 1120 and earn at least a "C".
CMMC 151 Oral Communications COMM 1020 Introduction to Public Speaking
ENGL 161 College Composition I WRIT 1110 Introduction to Academic Writing
ENGL 162 College Composition II WRIT 1120 Academic Writing
ENGL 163 College Composition II with Special Topics WRIT 1120 Academic Writing
ENGL 164 College Composition II with Technical Topics WRIT 1120 Academic Writing
Quantitative Literacy Take at least one course; Students should contact their academic advisors for specific information about fulfilling this requirement.
MTHM 158 Quantative Reasoning MATH 1190 Quantitative Reasoning
MTHM 168 Statistics MATH 1150 Introduction to Statistics
MTHM 171 College Algebra MATH 1220 College Algebra II
MTHM 178 Business Calculus BA 1600 Business Analytics
MTHM 171 & 172 College Algebra and Precalculus MATH 1280 Precalculus Mathematics
MTHM 175 College Algebra and Precalculus MATH 1280 Precalculus Mathematics
MTHM 181 Calculus I MATH 1310 Calculus and Analytic Geometry
Humanities and the Arts Take at least two courses.
ARTS 243 Art History I ARTH 1450 Western Art I*
ARTS 244 Art History II ARTH 1460 Western Art II*
HUMS 271 Intro to Mythology CLCV 3800 Classical Mythology
ENGL 266 African American Literature ENG 2110 African American Literature**
HUMS 261 Intro to Great Books: Anc. World to Renaissance ENG 2610 World Literature from Ancient Times to 1700*
HUMS 262 Intro to Great Books: Early Mod-20th Century ENG 2620 World Literature from 1700 to Present*
ENGL 261 Masterpieces/British Lit. I ENG 2640 British Literature to 1660
ENGL 262 Masterpieces/British Lit. II ENG 2650 British Literature 1660-1945
ENGL 251 American Literature I ENG 2740 American Literature Survey to 1865
ENGL 252 American Literature II ENG 2750 American Literature 1865-1945
FRNH 251 Intermediate French I FREN 2010 Intermediate French I*
FRNH 252 Intermediate French II FREN 2020 Intermediate French II*
MUSC 262 Music as a World Phenomenon MUCT 1250 Exploring Music of World Cultures*
PHLY 151 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 1010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHLY 161 Intro to Ethics PHIL 1020 Introduction to Ethics
PHLY 165 Bioethics PHIL 1250 Contemporary Moral Issues
SOCY 265 Death and Dying PHIL 2190 Philosophy of Death and Dying*
SPNH 251 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I*
SPNH 252 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II*
THTR 151 Introduction to Theater THFM 1410 The Theatre Experience
HUMS 281 Intro to American Cinema THFM 1610 Introduction to Film
URBS 210 or WMST 210 Intro to Women's Studies or Intro to Women's Studies WS 2000 Intro to Women's Studies: Perspectives on Gender, Class, and Ethnicity**
  * course fulfills International Perspectives Requirement
** course fulfills Cultural Diversity in the US Requirement
Social and Behavioral Sciences Take at least two courses.
ECNM 152 Microeconomics ECON 2020 Principles of Microeconomics
ECNM 151 Macroeconomics ECON 2030 Principles of Macroeconomics
GPHY 151 Human Geography GEOG 2300 Cultural Geography
HMSR 121 Intro to Gerontology GERO 1010 Aging, the Individual and Society
HSTR 161 United States I HIST 1250 Early America**
HSTR 162 United States II HIST 1260 Modern America
HSTR 151 Civilization I HIST 1510 World Civilizations*
HSTR 152 Civilization II HIST 1520 Modern World*
INTL 151 Principles of International Studies INST 2000 Introduction to International Studies*
PLSC 156 American National Government POLS 1100 American Government: Processes and Structure
PLSC 151 Comparative Politics POLS 1710 Intro to Comparative Government*
PLSC 157 Contemporary World Problems POLS 1720 Intro to International Relations*
PSYH 151 Intro to Psychology PSYC 1010 General Psychology
SOCY 151 Intro to Sociology SOC 1010 Principles of Sociology
SOCY 256 Social Problems SOC 2020 Social Problems
SOCY 276 Race & Ethnicity SOC 2160 Minority Groups**
SOCY 161 Intro to Cultural Anthropology SOC 2310 Cultural Anthropology*
  * course fulfills International Perspectives Requirement
** course fulfills Cultural Diversity in the US Requirement
Natural Sciences Take two courses: selection must include at least 1 lab science.
ASTY 151 Stars, Galaxies/Cosmology ASTR 2010 The Solar System
ASTY 152 Solar System Astronomy ASTR 2120 The Solar System
BIOG 151 General Biology BIOL 1040 Introduction to Biology (Lab)
BIOG 159 Aquatic Life BIOL 1080 Life in the Sea
BIOG 162 Principles of Biology II BIOL 2040 Concepts in Biology I (Lab)
BIOG 161 Principles of Biology I BIOL 2050 Concepts in Biology II (Lab)
CHMY 155 Chemistry and Society CHEM 1000 Introduction to Chemistry
CHMY 161 General Organic/Biochemistry I CHEM 1090 & 1100 Elementary Chemistry (Lab)
CHMY 171 General Chemistry CHEM 1230 & 1240 General Chemistry I & Lab (Lab)
BIOG 153 or 268 Basic Human Nutrition or Clinical Nutrition FN 2070 Introduction to Human Nutrition
PSSC 160 Intro to Climate Studies GEOG 1250 Weather and Climate
PSSC 161 Earth Science GEOL 1000 Intro to Geology
PSSC 156 Physical Geology GEOL 1040 Earth Environments (Lab)
PSSC 157 Historical Geology GEOL 1050 Life Through Time (Lab)
PHYC 115 or PSSC 153 Physics for the Allied Health Science or Physical Science PHYS 1010 Basic Physics (Lab)
PHYC 150 General Physics I PHYS 2010 College Physics I (Lab)
PHYC 152 General Physics II PHYS 2020 College Physics II (Lab)
PHYC 251 College Physics I PHYS 2110 University Physics I (Lab)
PHYC 252 College Physics II PHYS 2120 University Physics II (Lab)

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