Telecommuting Form for Student Employees & Graduate Assistants

Bowling Green State University supports alternative work arrangements that promote productive work environments and enable student staff to balance work and other responsibilities.

This page is designed to help you understand BGSU’s policies around flexible work schedules and the process for submitting a proposal to alter your work location. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions.

It is important to note that telecommuting arrangements are discretionary benefits extended to eligible student staff and should not be viewed as automatic or permanent. Ultimately, any arrangements must be in the best interests of both the University and you.

Telecommuting Arrangement

Telecommuting refers to an arrangement where your assigned workplace location will be away from campus for three or more days per week. Depending on the details of your proposal, the telecommuting arrangement could be a temporary or permanent reassignment.

If your telecommuting arrangement is approved, you or your unit will be responsible for many of the costs associated with working off-site. You will also be responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of all work-related data, documents, and materials. Please review the Telecommuting Policy for details and contact Dawn Frieson, director of Student Employment Services, with any questions.

A temporary telecommuting arrangement may be implemented if the University or your unit determines that employees need to work off-campus for a short period of time to accommodate unusual circumstances, such as a brief office closing for renovations or relocation. The President or designee may establish telecommuting due to public health emergencies or other circumstances.

If you are approved to work off-campus for three or more days per week on an ongoing basis, the arrangement will be considered permanent. You will need to renew the arrangement annually. If you were hired into a remote-only position, you or your manager will need to file a Telecommuting Arrangement; however, annual renewal will not be necessary.

Temporary or permanent modifications to your arrangement may be made by you or the University. It is important to speak to your manager as soon as possible if you require a change in your agreement.

Please reference the Telecommute Policy for additional information.


The University recognizes that some positions may easily adapt to alternative work arrangements while others may not. It is the University's policy that all requests will be reviewed, and all requests will be considered based on the following definitions.

The job duties of an onsite position cannot be performed remotely and must be performed on campus. Student staff in these positions will not be eligible to adjust the location of their work but may be eligible to request a flexible schedule or compressed workweek arrangement if it does not lead to overtime pay.

For a hybrid eligible position, at least some work responsibilities can be done offsite without loss of productivity, but some onsite presence is required for in-person collaboration with department members and other team members. Some hybrid eligible positions may necessitate flexibility on the part of the employee who, with reasonable notice, may be required to adapt their schedule to meet unit needs.

All job duties can be performed off-site without disruption to other student staff or productivity levels. It is expected that staff in these positions are available during customary operating hours for the department/unit. Remote eligible positions are covered by the university’s telecommuting policy, see above.

How to Submit a Proposal

All staff members except those covered by a collective bargaining agreement are eligible to submit a request for a telecommuting arrangement to their immediate supervisor. The University encourages employees and managers to work collaboratively to align expectations before submitting a proposal.

Please note: A request for a flexible work arrangement or telecommuting agreement cannot be used as the basis for an adverse action against an employee.

Submit a Telecommuting Arrangement Proposal

To submit a Telecommuting Arrangement proposal, you will first provide the name and email address of your supervisor. You will then be emailed a link to fill out and sign an online form. The form asks for you to describe your rationale, the address of your off-site work location, how many days you propose to work remotely (minimum of three for a Telecommuting Agreement), and which campus you normally work from.

Submit a Telecommuting Arrangement Proposal Form

Once submitted, your immediate supervisor will receive and review your proposal. It is the University’s policy that telecommuting agreements will be considered regardless of the reason for the request, if the request is operationally feasible, or if the individual meets the performance criteria.

Updated: 05/05/2022 04:26PM