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Update 11/20/20: BGSU is not currently accepting new reservations for campus visits, but we are continually developing and adapting our virtual offerings and resources to meet the needs of students and families during the COVID-19 global pandemic. As always, BGSU is here for you at 419-372-2478 and

Visiting college campuses is often an important part of the college search process. Bowling Green State University has adapted its campus visit experience during the COVID-19 global pandemic to include virtual and in-person campus visit options.

While the visit experience might look and feel a little different, some things haven’t changed for future Falcons, including BGSU's commitment to serving students.

BGSU photographer Craig Bell captures the BGSU in-person visit experience, behind the lens.

University Hall, the oldest building on campus, is sanitized throughout the day by BGSU's Campus Operations staff.

Guests are asked to use the Falcon feet as a guide for where to stand to maintain physical distancing.

Paperless check-in is at University Hall where a front desk host greets guests.

BGSU employees complete a temperature check at home or when they arrive at work each day to ensure the safety of guests.

Katie Webb, Admissions counselor, meets with families. Personal and small presentations give families the reassurance they need when visiting in person during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Kalee Carlton, senior Admissions counselor, disinfects the chairs in the presentation room after use by students and their families.

The presentation is a general overview of BGSU, its admission criteria and next steps. It’s also offered online for those interested.

The presentation room is spaced out to allow for physical distancing between families as an Admissions representative delivers an information session.

Guests wear face coverings while visiting campus, one of the many safety protocols in place.

Families are welcomed to ask questions before, during and after the presentation. The Office of Admission has private meeting spaces for families who want to huddle for a quick meet-up at any point during their visit, too.

A family enjoys a private tour with a BGSU tour guide.

The walking campus tour takes families through the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, a hub for dining, activities and studying.

The campus tour includes walking by Falcon Outfitters, but does not include residence halls or dining halls in use by current students because of COVID-19.

Tour guides make sure everyone, including themselves, are adhering by the health standards put into place to ensure the health and well-being of guests.

Families see a BGSU classroom in the Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Center, getting a glimpse without ever going inside because of the glass walls.

Families rotate in and out throughout the day in small groups to allow for physical distancing.

BGSU's 80-member tour guide staff has stepped up to give more tours this year, necessitated by the need to have smaller, more frequent tours for college-searching students.

Starship is a robot-based food delivery service on campus that was started shortly before the pandemic.

Guests ask final questions and complete the in-person campus tour.

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