Xavi Boes at 37:24 interview by Governor Mike DeWine


BGSU student featured in Ohio governor's daily briefing

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Xavi Boes shared his experience as a college student during COVID-19

BGSU student Nicolas Juan-Xavier “Xavi” Boes is familiar with virtual meetings, between online classes and a busy student-life schedule.

But on Tuesday afternoon, he prepared for a virtual meeting unlike any he has had before.

The fourth-year student was invited to join Ohio Governor Mike DeWine during his live daily COVID-19 press conference to share his experience as a college student this fall.

Boes, who participated in the daily briefing virtually, was invited by the Governor’s Office to take part in the livestream. He was one of two college students from the state featured.

As Gov. DeWine discussed updates on the status of coronavirus and the state’s response, Boes answered the governor's questions about how college students are responding to health and safety guidelines on campus.

“It was an incredible experience to share my perspective as a college student,” Boes said. “For leaders like Governor DeWine to want to hear what we think shows they value our input. At the student level, we see and experience things they may not, and by taking advantage of our perspective, they’re putting trust in us to make plans that keep our campuses and Ohio safe.” 

Boes is majoring in communication and is from Carey, Ohio. He serves as BGSU student body vice president and is a student scholar in the Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy. In addition, he has student employment experience in the Division of Diversity and Belonging and the Office of the Dean of Students.

“Since the onset of our University’s response to COVID-19, Xavi, along with many other student leaders, has provided helpful insights, ensuring we are making decisions in the best interests of the students we educate and serve,” said BGSU President Rodney K. Rogers. “He is committed to driving public good at BGSU and it is exciting to see him bring that same perspective to our state.”

During the briefing, Boes shared his experience as a college student on campus during COVID-19. He highlighted the ways BGSU has de-densified campus, including Design My BGSU, and how student organizations are adapting to a new social experience, with virtual events and meetings.

"If everyone does their part, we are going to have as close as possible to a traditional experience at BGSU," said Boes. "Students are responding positively in these first few weeks back on campus. We're all in the together and we can get through these next 13 weeks."

Updated: 06/10/2021 01:10PM