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Student Emergency Fund experiences unprecedented need

By Anne-Margaret Swary

Through the support of Falcons all around the world, nearly 500 Bowling Green State University students have received a total of $156,000 in financial assistance from the Student Emergency Fund, with more applications coming in daily.

The fund supports current students who are experiencing financial hardships, accidents, illnesses or other emergency situations that jeopardize their ability to remain a student at BGSU. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the University is prioritizing requests related to housing and food, as well as reliable internet access during the online learning period.

Since the University announced proactive measures last month to help slow the spread of the virus and protect the campus community, more than $115,000 has been donated to the existing fund by alumni, faculty and staff and friends of the University.

“These funds are critical to helping our students stay on their path to graduation,” said Chris Bullins, BGSU dean of students. “Some of our students are facing particularly challenging circumstances due to financial hardship, and these funds are a lifeline for them. I’d like to personally thank everyone who has made a gift to the fund so far to help our students in need.”

University staff are continuing to receive and review applications and help direct students to additional resources to help alleviate financial burdens they are experiencing as a result of the pandemic. Additional support for the Student Emergency Fund is needed to continue to meet the unprecedented demand. Gifts can be made at

Although not everyone may be able to contribute financially because of this crisis, alumni and friends can still show support by sharing positive messages to students using the hashtag #FalconFamily on social media.

Student testimonials

“BGSU is providing me the opportunity to stay safe and protect my loved ones. I have a brother with cerebral palsy at home with my parents, and with his immune system being compromised, this award allows me to have a place to reside, without endangering my brother.”

— J.M., BGSU student

“This funding will help me remain at the University by purchasing food and other necessities. It will also help me be successful at BGSU this summer by not having to drop out, and I will be able to finish my last semester out. “

— B.B., BGSU student

“This support from the Student Emergency Fund will help me remain at the University because I will be able to cover rent for this month and not have to stress about money, which is such a blessing. I can actually focus on my school work and pass all my classes.”

— E.P.O., BGSU Student

“I really want to thank the University for helping me through these tough times. I'm really appreciative for the aid and will not forget."

— A.G., BGSU student

"Thanks to the Student Emergency Fund, I was aided in paying my rent and loaned a laptop to complete the semester. I’m not sure what I would’ve down without the help."

— S.C., BGSU student

Updated: 04/17/2020 06:23PM