DMA Audition/Interview Process

Auditions for the DMA in Contemporary Music will take place on
February 26 - February 28, 2024

Upon the review of application materials (due January 5, 2024), qualified applicants will be scheduled for an audition, at which time the following will take place:

  1. Entrance Audition

    Composition: Present a 15-minute analysis of one of the works in submitted portfolio for members of the doctoral audition committee.

    Performance (conducting): Present an audition in repertoire appropriate to the degree program emphasis (choral, orchestral, band/wind ensemble). The repertoire may include works from a variety of historical periods including contemporary. 

    Performance (instrumental or vocal): Prepare 60 minutes of music from which the audition committee will choose a 30-minute audition program. Selections should showcase music of the 20th/21st century, but include at least two works from other historical periods if appropriate to the instrument’s repertoire. 

  2. Entrance Examinations

    Composition and Conducting Applicants Only: Examinations in aural skills, sightsinging and sightreading that will assess readiness for advanced work in composition or conducting.

  3. Entrance Interview

    Interview with the doctoral audition committee to discuss specific qualifications, interests and long-term goals.

Assistantship offers will be made by phone and in writing by the Director of Graduate Studies as soon as possible after the audition. Acceptance into the DMA degree program is selective and competitive. See DMA Assistantship Information for more details.

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