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MWRTEC 2024  

Welcome From The Deans

Welcome From The Co-Hosts

Meet The Pianists

Thank You To Our Vendors





11:00 Winnfield Quartet

11:30 Joshua Davis/Kevin Wenglin

12:30 Aaron Hynds/Randy Westmoreland

1:30 From Parana Duo/Kevin Fenske

2:30 Low Key Tuba Quartet

4:30 James Long/Adrian Izquierdo Ayala


11:30 Presentation: Nick McDermot

12:30 Broncos Tuba and Euphonium Choir - Western Michigan University

1:30 University of Toledo Tuba Euphonium Ensemble

2:30 Presentation: Chris Hotaling

3:30 Presentation: Richard Watson


10:30 Artist Tuba Master Class: Fritz Kaenzig

12:30 Presentation: Adam Frey

1:30 Artist Euphonium Master Class: Mark Glover

2:30 The Tuba Euphonium Legacy Panel

3:30 Student Tuba Master Class: David Fedderly


12:30 Dan Honaker

1:30 Steven Needham/Michael Fahrner


7:30 BGSU Tuba Euphonium Ensemble and Eastern Michigan Low Brass Ensemble

8:00 Five Lakes Silver Band with soloists Adam Frey, Velvet Brown and Mark Glover




9:30 Greg Moore/Maxwell Godfrey/Jonah Zimmerman

10:30 SymbiosisDuo/Joseph Guimaraes

11:30 James Gourlay/Mark Glover

1:30 Velvet Brown

2:30 Stephanie Ycaza

3:30 Paul Carlson/Kevin Wass

4:30 Chris Schmidt/Dan Burdick


10:30 Oakland University Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble/Baldwin Wallace

11:30 Presentation: ITEA DEIB Listening Tour 2024

1:30 University of Dayton Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble

2:30 NW Ohio Low Brass Collective /Texas Tech University Tuba Euphonium Ensemble

3:30 Presentation: Andrew Jones

4:30 Presentation: Alex Lapins


8:30 The SymbiosisDuo

3:30 Student Euphonium Master Class: Boonyarit Kitaweepak

4:30 Tuba Mock Band Master Class: Joseph Guimaraes


9:30 Euphonium Mock Band Master Class: Lindsay Ring

10:30 Chris Hotaling/David Mercedes

11:30 Scott Roeder/Joshua Bishop

2:00 Ken Heinlein

2:30 Danny Rowland/Andrew Sallee


7:30 Backburner Tuba and Euphonium Collective

8:00 Duquesne University Brass Band with soloists Dave Zerkel, Lindsay Ring and David Bandman




9:30 Taylor Hicks

10:30 Boonyarit Kittaweepitak

11:30 Indianapolis Symphony Low Brass Section

12:30 John Caputo


9:30 Presentation: Kevin Wass

10:30 Mock Orchestral Winners Master Class: Yasuhito Sugiyama

11:30 Indiana University Southeast Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble/SUNY Fredonia Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

12:30 N.O.T.E. (Northeast Ohio Tuba-Euphonium ensemble)

1:30 Presentation: Christian Bush/Kirsten Rivera


8:30 MC: Warm-up: Alex Lapins


9:30 Amy Bliss/Aaron Campbell

10:30 Brandon Smith/Chris Bloom

11:30 Sequence Quartet/Honseo Quartet

5-2-6-24 Collegiate Choral Spain Tour Texts and Translations

4-28-24 Alumni Recital of Penny Thompson Kruse Studio

4-21-24 Chamber Music Competition Winners

4-14-24 BG Philharmonia

4-13-24 Collegiate Chorale and Men's Chorus 

4-12-24 Volaré and A Cappella Choir

4-11-24 Early Music Ensemble

4-10-24 Student Composers' Forum

4-9-24 Jazz Guitar Ensemble

4-8-24 KEAR Student Composer Open Rehearsal

100th Anniversary Band Gala Weekend - PROGRAM BOOKLET IS NOT DIGITAL

4-6-24 Dr. Marjorie Conrad Art Song Competition

4-5-24 Debussy Étude Project

4-4-24 Percussion Ensemble

4-3-24 Faculty Artist Series: Yevgeny Yontov, piano

4-2-24 Jazz Lab Band II

4-2-24 Guest Artist: Minna Chung, cello

3-28-24 Fulton and Graduate String Quartets

3-26-24 Horn Club/Trumpet Ensemble

3-25-24 Guest Artist: Melody Quah, piano

3-21-24 Global Music Showcase

3-20-24 Faculty Scholar Series

3-19-24 New Music Ensemble

3-16-24 Wayland Chamber Music Competition

3-15-24 A Cappella Choir Tour

3-14-24 Graduate Brass Quintet

3-13-24 Faculty Artist Series: Cole Burger, piano

3-12-24 Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble/Trombone Choir

3-11-24 Guest Artist: Ryan Fogg, piano

3/1-3/5-24 Men's Chorus Spring Tour

2-29-24 Jazz Week: Jazz Lab Band I with Dave Douglas, trumpet

2-28-24 Jazz Week: Faculty Artist Series: Faculty Jazz Ensemble with Dave Douglas, trumpet

2-27-24 Jazz Week: Chamber Jazz Ensembles

2-25-24 DMA Showcase

2-24-24 Wind Symphony

2-23-24 Guest Artist: Paul Barnes, piano and chant

2-22-24: University & Symphonic Bands

2-21-24 Faculty Artist Series: Terri Sánchez, flute

2-20-24 Graduate Percussion Ensemble

2-16-24 Guest Artist: Brendan Kinsella, piano

2-15-24 Student Composers' Forum

2-14-24 Faculty Artist Series: Faculty Composers' Forum

2-10-24 BG Philharmonia Concerto Winners Concert

2-9-24 Student Composed MicroOperas

2-8-24 Volaré at ACDA (Omaha, NE)

2-6-24 Chamber Jazz Ensembles

2-5-24 Music at the Forefront: Vicky Chow, piano

1-30-24 Guest Artist: Dennis Parker, cello and Gregory Sioles, piano

1-28-29-24 Collegiate Chorale and Volaré mini tour

1-25-24 Guest Artist: Carol Dusdieker, soprano and Jeff Manchur, piano

1-24-24 FAS Robert Satterlee, piano

1-20-24 United States Air Force Ceremonial Brass Quintet

1-18-24 GA: Joshua Zink, baritone

1-17-24 FAS Katherine Pracht Phares, mezzo-soprano

1-10-24 FAS Hannah Levinson, viola

11-21-23 Music of the Caucasus & Central Asia Ensemble

11-20-23 Falcon Choral Festival

11-19-23 BG Philharmonia

11-17-23 Volaré and A Cappella Choir (Findlay)

11-15-23: University & Symphonic Bands

11-14-23 Fulton and Graduate String Quartets

11-13-23 Student Composers' Forum

11-12-23 Volaré and Men's Chorus

11-11-23 A Cappella Choir and Collegiate Chorale

11-9-23 Jazz Lab Band II

11-7-23 Percussion Ensemble

11-5-23 Sounds of the Stadium

11-3-23 Falcon Flute Choir

11-2-23 Jazz Guitars Ensemble

11-1-23 Dwight Parry, oboe and Solungga Liu, piano

10-31-23 Trumpet Ensemble, Trombone Choir and Horn Club

10-26-28-23 Men's Chorus Fall Tour

10-25-23 Faculty Artist Series: Penny Thompson Kruse

10-24-23 Chamber Jazz Ensembles

10-21-23 NMF 2023: Concert 7, Collegiate Chorale, Philharmonia, and more (Kobacker)

10-21-23 NMF 2023: Concert 6, chamber music (Bryan)

10-20-23 NMF 2023: Concert 5, Ensemble Dal Niente (Kobacker)

10-20-23 NMF 2023: Concert 4, chamber music (Bryan)

10-20-23 NMF 2023: Concert 3, chamber and electroacoustic music (Bryan)

10-19-23 NMF 2023: Concert 2, New Music Ensemble, Wind Symphony, and more (Kobacker)

10-19-23 NMF 2023: Concert 1, chamber music (Bryan)

10-18-23 Octubafest: Faculty Artist Series: David Saltzman, tuba

10-17-23 Octubafest: Tuba-Euphonium Ensembles

10-16-23 Octubafest: Guest Artist: Sérgio Carolino

10-12-23 Student Composers' Forum

10-4-23 Faculty Scholar Series

10-3-23 Guest Artist: Khari Joyner, cello and Robert Satterlee, piano

10-1-23: University & Symphonic Bands

10-1-23: Guest Artist: Frank Huang, piano

9-30-23: Orchard Guitar Festival: Sheryl Bailey

9-30-23: Orchard Guitar Festival: Guitar Ensembles

9-29-23: Orchard Guitar Festival: Nir Felder

9-28-23: Guest Artist: Lam, violin and Dease, persussion

9-28-23: Jazz Spotlight

9-27-23 Faculty Artist Series: Daniel Piccolo, percussion

9-26-23: Chamber Jazz Ensembles

9-23-23: BG Philharmonia with HS Honors String Festival

9-22-23: Guest Artist: John Mortensen, piano

9-21-23: Wind Symphony

9-20-23: Faculty Artist Series: Caroline Chin, violin and Brian Snow, cello

9-14-23: Music at the Forefront: Quince

9-13-23: Faculty Artist Series: Keith Phares, baritone and Kevin Bylsma, piano

9-6-23: Faculty Artist Series: Geoffrey Stephenson, tenor and Steven Naylor, piano

8-30-23: Faculty Artist Series: Andrew Pelletier, horn; Susan Nelson, bassoon; Solungga Liu, piano

8-23-23: Faculty Artist Series: Faculty Showcase

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